Monday , August 15 2022

Seibu Kaneko Sakai, great fun hitting the base of a baseball, seized a stable position with the passing of Akada C and two people (All-Count)


  1. Seibu Kaneko Sakai, great fun hitting baseball god, grasp a stable position with Akada C tripod and two people (Full Account) Sports navigation
  2. Seibu, 50% return in great fun extended Mehia Strike Strike 9 times tie 2 run & Kaneko Sakai has been dramatically hit
  3. Seibu Kaneko struck Takeshi Sayonara and hit hardship back to the director of Daily Sports
  4. Seibu Mejia, 2nd year of revenge of the day, directed by Satoshi "I thought it was useless" Sports Nippon
  5. Seibu Kaneko Shoji V strikes, Masuda 2 wins, goodbye Rakuten every day loses sports every day t
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