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Sebastian Better “It is true that I doubted my ability” / Ferrari F1[]


Sebastian Better

Four-time F1 World Champion Sebastian Better admits he doubted his abilities during this season’s battle.

Sebastian Better, who was announced to be losing his Ferrari F1 seat before the start of the season, was whispered to retire and sabbatical. However, Racing Point, which started the project as an Aston Martin F1 in 2021, will use Better as the main driver.

In recent years, Sebastian Better has missed a major result due to an unusual mistake, but at Turkey’s F1 GP last weekend, he showed glimpses of his previous ability in difficult rain conditions. He overtakes his teammate Charles Leclerc in the last corner of the last lap and finishes in 3rd place, the first podium in a year. Not only did he win the hearts of his fans, he also showed that he still has the main capabilities of F1.

“It was very difficult this season. I admit I had doubts about my abilities. This year was completely useless and the relationship with the team is not the easiest. The love story is over, but I am not lost my motivation, “said Sebastian Better. The time Tell.

That motivation comes to Aston Martin’s ambitious F1 project. Sebastian Better will be the first F1 carrier to drive an engine with a Mercedes F1 engine. 33-year-old Better still has a few years left to set a record of four titles and 53 wins.

Regarding the contract with Aston Martin F1, Sebastian Better said, “I’m 33 now and I’ll be on the grid for the next three years, but I don’t want to race until I’m 40. By accounting, I’m in F1 . There are 3 to 7 years left. “

Separating from the Ferrari F1 was difficult, but Sebastian Better says he plans to do his best in the remaining three races.

“I’m still looking forward to the rest of the race,” said Sebastian Better.

“But I think the new project with Aston Martin opens up a lot of possibilities. I don’t think we can achieve success already, but we have a completely different feel and new goals to help the team move forward.”

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