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"Kurrawloirieu Asia" Dragon X KING-ZONE Korea wins over the world war! (App Famitsu) – Famitsu AppVS


KING-ZONE Dragon X is hitting the fierce battle

Official sports league of "Crash · Royale" "Clarowa League Asia". On November 11, 2018, the playoff that took part in the world battle game was held. AND KING OF Korea – Dragon X ZONE who took over the fierce battle.

Fight suitable for playoff

Four teams from SANDBOX (Korea), KING – ZONE Dragon X (Korea), PONOS Sports (Japan), Bren Esports (South East Asia) have developed to play.

● First game


● 2nd game

PONOS Sports v. Bren Esports

● Final with both winners

The first game is SANDBOX (Korea), KING – ZONE Dragon X (Korea).

In the first set, KING – ZONE Dragon X wins 2-1 in the back. In the second set, SANDBOX player is Beaver, KING – ZONE is X – the main player of the arc and Ace's confrontation of both teams. X-bow master won two consecutive holdings, KING-ZONE Dragon X (Korea) was superior to the final.

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The second game is Sport PONOS (Japan), Bren Esports (South East Asia)

King Esports won two consecutive wins although PONOS Sports had taken one game, in the first set.

2 sets, PONOS Sports is Leki Jones, Bren Esports is Manong Jhipee player. Bren Esports won with an error that Reiki will use the Born Tornado. Bren Esports is straight forward to the final.

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The final is KING – ZONE Dragon X vs. Bren Esports.

Bren Esports won the first set.

KING-ZONE The second set's dragon is an Xbox master and Bren Esports, the Manh Jhipee election, earns 2-1 and wins an Xbox player.

In the third set, KING – Dragon Dragon is Big Daddy and Bren Esports player is Ken Trainer. He won Big Daddy 2-1 player.

KING – ZONE Ho's player is Dragon in the 4th set and Bren Esports is a ken Coach player, wins Ho Player. With this, KING decided – ZONE Dragon X to move on to the world war.

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PONOS interview

In this interview, my accident was disappointed, but I talked to PONOS Sports who decided to take part in the world's fight.

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– There was a mistake to use Tornado BAN, but was there still a tension?

Reiki JonesIn the last judge, I did not notice until it was told "Because I used a BIN card". When I was waiting I knew that the other side took a case for a moment so I thought it was a final problem or something. With an error that you have not done so far, you have to be too much. There was a lack of attention.

– Do you feel strongly about a desire to get back this mistake in the world war?

Reiki JonesThat's fine. So far, I've won everything in the scene where I'll lose if I missed here. This time this is the first time to miss. However, I received my blessing and I can move on because Japan is a host country. I believe that I like to win the championship so that I think it's meaningful to get over today.

– How was this fight collected?

Pray MandarinI think it's good for me to think that it's good if I thought then, I think it's the reflection point. I believe that I do not have the feeling that I can not be overcame in excess of the 1st season.

– Has there been any difference in feeling that you can go out to the best and worlds game without winning?

Pray MandarinThat does not change. Everyone felt also winning the second season.

– In the games in December, here is the only team to lose and get involved, but do you feel awkwardly?

Pray MandarinWe believe that if we do not fall to this end, we will extend our strength by using this as spring and I will do my best.

– Boba will be the Second World War, but tell me your enthusiasm.

BordersI had a frustrated result in the London World Cup, so I really want to win the championship.

– This time, different teams from all over the world will be opponents, but do you decide whether to study your opponent or extend your own strengths?

Pray MandarinWe collect information about at least enemies and think about raising ourselves. I want to be able to show the power even if it is fighting with anyone.

KING-ZONE Dragon X Interview

This time, I had an interview with KING – ZONE Dragon X who won the great prize.


– How was a playoff in Japan?

Master X-bowI was nervous because it was not home. However, we were able to play happily because everyone from our audience supported us together.

JulyAs Japan was also a country I wanted to visit, it was good. After all, visitors' support was also happy.

Big DaddyBecause a customer in the studio became more nervous than usual. That's fun because your response is good.

– As a representative of Asia, I will be involved in the world war, but can you comment on the basis that we are running other teams?

OhThere are many long history teams in America, Europe and America, and China also has famous athletes. As other Asian countries grow and wear, I would like to show the strength of the Asian team in the world war.

– X – a master's arch has a quiet image, but I was astonished at the winner and the crying appearance here.

Master X-bowI had not thought about closing before the game started, but when I was able to get out, nature and tears were overflowing.

– I ask your enthusiasm for the world war.

JulyI would like to show a good image by showing the ability as usual as what we have prepared.

Comment Mr. Supercell Satomi Mura

– The Asia Clash League has paragraphs one by one, how do you feel?

Hiroshi Tomonura (hereinafter referred to as Tonemura)I've finished, but I do not feel like I've done because the world fight is still. However, it came with season 1, season 2 and I think it has been a very long time.

– What about the 2 terms taken, how do you feel?

TomonuraEven if I'm saying nothing of success, I think you could notice that there is also the effect of making a world war in Japan.

– How many points are you looking back?

TomonuraIs it about 50 points? Because he is still developing at all.

– Have you tried to play the game with viewers and take steps to the world war?

TomonuraI thought it was a bit more quiet, but thank Mr. Kissing, it was nice that everyone was excited. Although PONOS in Japan loses, it's still very proud that everyone in the audience is excited in the final game.

– What will happen next season?

TomonuraI do not want to stop this, so I do not know what shape it will be, but we want to do it. I think that I can announce something earlier. Wait and wait.

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