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The man who wears workwear approached an easement store in order to get drinks said, "It's great, it's fun if there is a toy, I & # 39; n smile and they probably want it. Car is Jimny whose own existence makes people happy.

【Other images】

● The first impression is now

Well, why not run a new Jimny? It may not be necessary already. In general, the article I've seen so far on the Internet is a rave of rave acclaim, Suzuki's publicity says: "No, thank you for your praise, I would like Ikeda-san to tell you a bit and tell the development I believe. "

No, it's incredible. Although confidence is confident enough, indeed the result of driving tests for a week, I can not do a lot of trouble. It's fine as it is alleged. Even if there are people who say "the 2018 number is in 2018" it's not surprising.

Well, let's clear the hands of the clock until the moment we start to test. In fact, the impression of running was not that very soon. The reinforced school frame around the lateral direction seems to increase the turmoil independence up to 1.5 times, and it was immediately recognized as soon as it began to run. Not tracing the fuel on the surface of the road, the body is shaken without delay. I do not have a small dust, as a result, behind the curtains that move behind late. The honest view of "Tougher" was not necessarily a positive attitude. It is not Porsche 911, so I'm not impressed to feel pushing up so much with a stomach.

However, not just that. As an impression the spring was soft and the damp had a hard feeling against it. Shake long bikes, for example slow rolls where the damp does not work, the head appears as a hip knee. Separate, the initial moisture responsiveness is bad, the initial roll is fast. That is, it was hard to push up quickly, and it was too soft for the slow roll. To be honest, it is hard to say good impression.

I understand that the rigidity of the body has increased and when I aim for a better car, I can see the reasons why it should be, but the older model did not feel an additional lack of rigidity. In the case of Jimny with the front and back exclusions of the 3-loop rigid axis form, corruption does not directly affect a consignment. Here are the front and back axles that provide four wheeled disorders, and as long as the strength of the axis is adequate, even if the rigidity of the chassis is slightly inferior, the rigidity of support & The tires are falling.

If the fashion and body are still poor, distortion and delays will arise in the conversation side of the side of the conversation that sets a part that stops the suspension to face the driver's seat, so the driver feels it happens, the important information from the tires becomes cloudy However, for example, it does not reach the "feeling of turn to the driver when turning "probably dropped when the monocoque sasban mount + the intermediate torsion beam is free. The school's system's rigid system + system is less likely to be an intuitive disadvantage of conversation and body problems compared to other formats.

In the old model, he felt strongly that the spine and the spine, that is, the chassis was standing alone with huge input, but in the new model it was felt hard to see; The body, which was the disorder in addition to that, was hard to feel stiff. I feel the sharing ratio has changed a lot. As a result, however, we will notify the driver of the entire cast we did not ever have to do. Separately, it is not male if the register makes you feel stiff?

The previous generation seat was really great, betraying the impression, feeling sense of a fictitious appearance, but in the new model it became light seats. The appearance and sense of comfort breaks down the sense of commercial vehicles. At the same time, however, I felt that holding down the back part of the back side of the seat's face and pressing the key part were ineffective.

Therefore, while running through the city-wide area of ​​lending Setagaya-ku from Minato-ku, Tokyo, the word "monohichi shita" was swirled by the time in the head. There was definitely a place that changed, but I felt it was not lost.

● Before and After

Since I had borrowed Jimny very quickly, if I had to run unplanned roads, I took a high speed and moved to a specific place with a habit of land. Then Jimny changed his impression there. I chose the way that can run even with minivan, but it is not the ratio of the decoration basket on the pavement road. The wheel goes up and down in a hurry and the body repeats itself tired and falls.

However, Jimny hangs up, there is something different, although the input is far more than before, the discomfort like shaking the stomach has gone completely. The steering wheel that felt its excellence on pavement roads was correct and safe, it never felt uncomfortable even in thin spiral trails. Suzuki should use this power steering system for each car. I felt it was of the opinion that the seat keeper was ineffective as well as having someone with whom.

If I noticed, I was running comfortably leaving the transfer transfer in FR. Although I did not feel it was particularly necessary, I started a four-wheel drivebag because it was a problem. By increasing slightly more tanks, the cavity has been more robust.

No, there's Jimny. Well, I can not pick up the audio with a bad way that I can run as my author. Raja climbing rock masters and go over the logs If you try for your car, you would say that you should not do it foolishly.

Well, the problem is now. Jimny was changing his prints to the last time as he ran a dart for some hour and returned to the city area again.

Above all, things are moving well. The bad oak that had echoed in the stomach once disappeared and it seems to be successful. In addition, the feeling of out of rolls had gone.

At first I thought, "Hit the hit?" But the distance inscribed on the odometer has already been more than 4000 km. In addition, when lending a car, Mr. Public Issues of the issue, "Having its teeth by just hitting the side sill under the driver's seat, there is no scratch and it does not seem to be reflected in the picture, if please understand, please ". Even if you're thinking about it, it will not happen that the paint has to deal with it without any problems unless it's a scary mistake, when you overcome logs or something . The Jimny is where the road clearing was taken well in the first place. It was never a crucial thing such as hitting the lower in the dart that the author ran.

In short, it's a garment that has already been pressed in the past, and it can not be considered as a boxing person to have to get out of the dirt for the first time this time. This is believed to be damp heat addiction. The damp may be intensively heated and recovered its original location. It should be clear if you leave it overnight and travel tomorrow morning.

● What's good?

Well, the impression of the next day was that Jimny did not return to the pumpkin even if she cooled overnight. Even if it was comfortable to travel, she even kept a favorable condition if it was rolled.

As I'm talking about Suzuki about this, I will tell the case if I have a follow up report, but as far as I can see another test trip, this is Jimny's original figure. If you're buying a jimny and someone who got a bad impression comes to readers, I want you to run a bit unchanged. I think there is a possibility that the impression will change.

Well, since Jimny has been a good hand-to-hand tool every week. Familiarity with hands like a balanced hammer, you can always treat with confidence. It does not erase what happens between the surface of the road and the tire just like a carpet, but it says honestly before being stupid. In addition, it is well managed before entering an undesirable area.

● Difference between old and new

As the sub-frame is installed on rubber, that is, before and after the appearance of the precursor Jimny, there are striking improvements in the ability to prevent the vibration and vibration of the monocoque sysi in the world. Imagine a modern journey, the world of the new Jimny is different. Although it can be a surprise in the world that its "shaking" sound "is common, although it is better than the old model, the feeling that honesty is transmitted between the tires and # 39 The face of the road by sound and vibration is never bad. I believe that there are many people who prefer it. The author is one of them.

Finally, what has changed between the old model and the new model? I want to write that impression. The biggest thing is that fast travel comfort has improved great. Of course, there is a car that has an incredible long-distance suitability, but the silence with a cruise of 100 km / h has really improved. I could speak to a passenger in the front seat for travelers without saying a voice and I could listen to the radio.

When fighting a transfer, harassment of the road disturbs the course's practice (Inappropriate) (It is said, because of the old form of honor, which was never controlled, but a little bit of time and effort he took me alone). To put it short, we've tasted the traditional feelings that Jimny needs to resist different entrances on the highway, but no longer need to worry about it. There's something I can not wait without saying well.

Building the internal space has also improved. Front front and front windows of the previous generation, the roof area has been expanded, the fixed range can be expanded, the loading stability at the time of installing the rack to improve. Along with that, the place above was expanding healthier than the old model. As a setup, there is something of the best possible value name in the front space. Outside the question is that the wind frame is close to the clash but it is bad that it is too far. The distance you can spray windows better if you extend your hand. And Jimny's space is just what he says.

"Harsh's view" that Suzuki gives homework assignments is quite difficult. Strictly, some accessories are short. There are two pockets to hold the smartphone and two drinkers, but there is no other place to put one pocket tissue. The door pocket has its own ability, but it's not easy to drive, so it's not good. However, as you can add as much as you need, such as accessories, there's a story that you can do with your own modification.

Is there a fuel economy? The total fuel economy running for 500 kilometers per week is a 13.5km liter. As it is a small elastic overflow machine, the fuel consumption is strictly tight. In recent years, naturally runs about 20 kilometers for hybrids that are much larger and thinner, and 14 kilometers for non-hybrids. Given the fuel economy that the world will look for often, it's far from being satisfactory. However, if it is said that "Jimny is in its original form and not a special fuel economy", this is also the case.

Another point, turning to the right and leaving in the city center at night, the side light on the other side reflects the town's light on the other side. I was trying to turn the left while watching the left hand side, which moved the reflected light in the window on the right. Only a reflection, but for a moment, I was surprised that my bicycle or motorcycle was moving soon. I think that it is close to difficulty even if I write well, but it's one of the space improvement targets. Above all, when you practice reflection, there are also scary parts if you really think something is coming to it. However, the one of those listed here is not negative enough to refuse Jimny's essence.

Conclusion When you write what we get, Jimny is a car that I want to drive through the road. Happy happiness is not just the man who sends hot eyes but also the driver. I was also able to return when I returned the car. It's sure that it will be fun for you to send it with this car. There is no doubt. I think, even if I do not have to be a life to go out mainly by fast interviews, even including … … even now.

(Naoko Ikeda)

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