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Interview presentation of the JR West operating system, Osaka Toray. Direct speed is 4 in the morning and evenings, about 60 minutes between Shin Osaka and Nara "The choice of schools and workplaces is expanding and changing lives," Kawai Branch Manager – Travel Watch


West Railway Railway Company Co., Ltd. who attended the press conference Executive Officer, Kinki Administration Headquarters Osaka Branch Manager Tadashi Kawai

On November 13, JR West (West Railway Railway Company) hosted a press conference on the Osaka East Line operating system. Mr Tadashi Kawai from the executive of JR West Kinki, headquarters of the Osaka branch manager.

The Osaka Tōho line connects from Shin – Osaka to Kuku – ji to the Temple Station for a whole length of 20.3 km. From Kuho Temple, connect to Nara Station by Yamato Route and connect East Osaka to the north to the south. The southern section (9.2 km) from the Hisaji station was opened to the Hanaten station in March 2008, and the northern section (11.1 km) of the remaining discharge station to the Shin-Osaka station will open in the spring 2019. The path symbol is "F".

The number of stations is Osaka Shin Station, Minami-Aza Station, JR Awaji Station, Seongbuk-Koen Station, JR Nogei Station, Shigino Station, Free Station, Takeda Central Station, JR Kawachi Eiwa Station, JR Shundekudo Station, JR Station, Nagase, Kimura Kami Kita (Kizuri Kamikita) orsaf, Shin Kaemi station, Kyuji temple station 14.

Among them, Hankyu Kyoto Line at JR Awaji Railway Station, Keihin-hon Line Line at JR Nogei Station, Osato Subway Railway Line at Yono Station, Osaka Metro Chuo Line at the Free Station, Osaka Metro Central Line at Takaida Central Station, Kintetsu Nara Line at JR Kawachi Naga Station, Kintetsu Osaka Line at JR Shundeokudo Station, Yamato Line at Kyuji Temple Station, etc. It is also noted that you can transfer to other routes in more than half of the stations.

Osaka East East Summary

There are two types of "direct speed" and "regular train" operating on East East Osaka Line.

Direct speeds are four days a week in the morning and evening, four holidays at weekends and nights, four in the morning and night (1 day, 8 in total). Stop stop at the Shin-Osaka station, discharge station, Takeda central station, JR Kawachi Eiwa station, Hikoneji station, and Oji station station (Yamato Line) to every station. The journey time from the Shin-Osaka station to the Nara station is about 60 minutes. A vehicle uses a series 207 or a 321 series of 7-car series.

Although the specific diamond has not been published, an urgent morning morning of the week is leaving at the Nara station of about 6 hours at an average hour of 30 minutes and around Shin station Osaka is 8:30 Arrival. During brush hours a day, the address is reversed, leaving the Shin-Osaka station at 5:30 am to 1:30 pm in an hour period, and around the Nara station from about 18:30 about 21:30 I arrived.

In the meantime, the number of holidays does not even change if it is four morning and night, but the address is different. In the morning, we leave Nara station for 16-17 hours in the afternoon with 2 drain leaving from the Nara station between 8 and 9 hours and 2 trains starting at the Shin- Osaka starts between 10 and 11 hours & bells. A total of 4 with 2 and Shin Osaka station also leaves between 17 and 18 p.m. Saturday and holiday diaries have been structured to look out and sights against day-to-day diamonds that are aware of commuting and attendance at school.

The southern velocity of the opening is only at the Kyuhoji station and a discharge station, but after all lines have been opened, it also ends at Takaida Central Station and JR Kawachi Nagahata Station. In this regard, it was decided to add to the new stop station of the situation that consumers from Osaka Metro Chuo Line and Kintetsu Nara Line are on the trend up and there are many passenger passenger users. As a way to go to the east of the Amagasaki station, there is a direct speed from the Kyobashi station on the JR Tozai Line to the Nara station that goes from Kyobashi to Oshaka Station through the discharge station, but Station Osaka Along with the direct speed of direct driving speed, directly through this Giken city line, give the best to operate.

Outline of direct speed. About 60 minutes between the Shin-Osaka station and the Nara station

Estimated travel time. In the slide, the hour breaking hour surgery break is set to 30 minutes, but an hour error

Direct expression ends at the station. Takaida Central Station and JR Kawachi Yoshikazu are added

Regular trains stop at each station at 4 each at the top and bottom hour (excluding about 15 minutes, early in the morning except at midnight), the total number of daytime settlements is 134 all. The vehicle uses the 201 series in a 6 car train. Traveling from Shin – Osaka station is approximately 60 minutes to Kuku – ji temple station. (The Shin-Osaka station release station is about 20 minutes and Kyoto's temple station is free for 15 minutes.

The price is 220 yen from Shin-Osaka station to the discharge station, 390 yen to Kyuji temple station, 920 yen to Nara station. For details, see PDF published by JR West.

Outline of the ordinary train

Price and fee for adults for a 6 month commute

Regarding the effect after opening the business, Kawai said, "The choice of transport is increasing as a line that radiates extensively around Osaka and the route that is; connecting north and south eastern Osaka's goals, which directly leads from the Shin-Osaka station, prevents the Shinkansen station to Nara "It will be smooth outside the Kansai area to travel to Nara." On the other hand, for users in the Osaka-Kaido and Nara areas, by improving access to the Kyoto / Kobe area, we can extend the options and change the shape of the life scene and come across, "he said.

About Nara "Nara has a very high potential in Kansai, a well-known city in the world, in the Kansai area where we can expect to register the World Heritage site in the area, the inland has to focus in the Gold Path in Osaka and Kyoto I would like to change my stay and increase my stay a little more. "In line with improving access to Nara by opening up the entire Dongyu line, the 227 new model series will be introduced in Nara's administration from spring 2019, and as well as arranging a full replacement until spring 2020, I mentioned the strengthening of the service in Nara, as the fact that IC cards were available at all stations in Nara Prefecture, but this includes " 90% of eastern entrance to Nara, 10% west and west. The company is also expected to want to change a current condition even a bit.

Coat that appealed to the opening of the Osaka Dong Line that Mr Kawai made after the meeting over

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