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Honorary Degree was awarded to the Federal President of Micronesia – Osaka Gakuin University – CNET Japan


Osaka Gakuin University (Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Yasuyasu Shirai) announced that on 5th November, President Peter Martin Christian of the Federal States of Micronesia, for his efforts in education and academic exchanges with the University of Micronesia and the Federal States of Micronesia, I received an honorary degree (Ph.D.). Over 300 stakeholders took part in the awards ceremony.

On Monday, November 5, at Osaka Gakuin University, Peter Martin Christian Micronesia (Peter Martin Christian Micronesia), who has been active in promoting education and academic exchanges with the University of Michigan and the Federal States of Micronesia, he has contributed active for the development of aggressive young people, We held a honorary degree award to the Federal President.
At our university, we have awarded an honorary doctor's degree to those who made a remarkable contribution to academic, cultural, and other academic improvement, which are particularly well suited for approval.

The President of Micronesia Federation Unions, as the first to Japanese universities of Japanese universities first received by the Federal Micronesia States in 1995, has been instrumental in implementing Micronesia training at our university, and has been appointed Chair of Federal Council and Minister for Resources and Development In each case, we are grateful in our support for the success of the program. As well as having many exchanges with the University of Micronesia and the Federal States of Micronesia, the president will promote the exchange of international students and international exchange with overseas universities from a global perspective, and will be responsible for the future As a wonderful contribution to the development of the young generation , I gave a honorary teacher degree.

After the ceremony ceremony, I gave a lecture of the name of the President of the Christian "Young people opens the future ~ Message from Micronesia ~" and gave a lecture of the name "I have never spoken so seriously" Message was sent to I say "Every student believes in their own intent and I want to study a lot."

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