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ASUS launches Sumah Gaming "ROG Phone" on November 23 – Watching Mobile Phones


ASUS JAPAN will release a smartphone gaming phone "ROG Phone (ZS600 KL)" (Earl Allison) SIM phone in Japan on November 23. The booking reception has started and the price is 119,500 yen (excluding tax, the same below).

ROG Phone (ZS600 KL)

The ROG phone is a chipset mobile phone that has tied to gaming players with small storage and easy play games. After providing with an expandable attachment that can be installed with accessories such as game pads on the main body.

In addition, we will sell a set of 5 "ROG Phone Complete Set" accessories as an extended system for the ASUS Official Store "ASUS Shop" and "ASUS Store Akasaka" only. The total set price is 1995 yen. Original ROG Phone and OPT card A Phone Case will be given to 30 first women invited.

The ROG phone is a gaming mobile phone with the company's "ROG" brand based brand. The main body has a connector that can attach an expansion unit, and you can install the cooling fan included in the package or optional accessories unit.

An expandant connector can be installed, the main body with the attached cooling fan can be cooled

It has an extension to the rear, and by installing the "Aero Active" from the cooling system to the package, it's possible to cool the main body even if you play a game with load.

When installing Aero Active

Installation terminal

When installed, you can use a type-C and 3.5 mm USB earphone jack, which is installed in Aero Active, and you can play cables without even interfere with playing in a landscape scene .

It is also possible to attach Aero Active at the same time by preventing the case center from the enclosed case "ROG Phone Case".

It is also possible to leave the ultrasonic touch sensor on the side of the L / R button, the back logo shines in the color of your choice

An Ultrasonic "AirTrigger" touch sensor can be installed which can be used as the L / R button on the game pad on the side, and the touch position can be set to AirTrigger for each game.

In addition, the "Game Game" control application that is set to display CPU / GPU information, temperature etc. In addition, it is also possible to set the Aero Active speed and the "Aura light" that allows you to shine an ROG logo on the back in a favorite color.

Aura light can also divide the color set with Wi-Fi or QR code and match the same color as your friends.

Also, "Game Genie" is set that restricts notice during playing a game. It is possible to repair the brightness and block operation. With the function that restricts notification, it's not only not to show the application, but also to reject the totally incoming call.

Main specifications

After display with AMOLED (organic EL) display 6 inches. The decision is 2160 × 1080 points, the renewal rate is 90 Hz, and the response speed is 1 ms. Supports 10 multi-touch. The chip version has to be equipped with the overclock version (2.96 GHz) of Snapdragon 845. Memory is 8GB, storage is 512GB, and is equivalent to UFS 2.1. There is a dual camera with 12 million pixels and 8 million bicycles on the back, and a camera with 8 million pixels on the front.

The corresponding bands are bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/28/29/32 by FDD-LTE and bands / 38/38 / 39/40 / 41/46. The SIM card has two nanoSIM card slots. It supports DSDV (Dual Dual / Dual SIM), supports the NTT docomo network, VoLTE network, Mobile SIM Card!

OS has Android 8.1. In addition to IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / and, Wi-Fi also supports IEEE802.11ad using the 60 GHz band. Bluetooth supports 5.0. The charge terminal is USB Type-C. 3.5mm earphone jack, equipped with NFC. Two speakers are put forward. The battery supports 4000 mAh and a Quick Love 4.0. It corresponds to the water function of the IPX 4 standard.

"ROG Phone Complete Set" has to be installed with 5 accessories

The size is 158.8 × 76.1 × 8.3 mm, and the weight is 200 g. The package comes with the USB AC adapter set and the ROG Phone Case, Aero Active.

Optional decorations matching an expander connector

Five plugins that can be attached to the expander connector are released on the same day as the main body.

"TwinView Doc" that you can play on 2 screens

TwinView Doc is an extended system that can be used on two screens by attaching the main unit to the top. Battery has been incorporated, with a L / R button at the bottom. It is possible to use as a game play when watching a movie or game capture site. The price is 30,800 yen.

It's based on a multi-window function of Android and it supports the operation of two screens at the same time. When you fold the system, it's automatically going to sleep.

"Gamefice for ROG Phone" which can add a physical key as a key cross

Game Game for ROG Phone is a game game that can be connected to the main unit and add crosses and analog sticks. The price is 8980 yen.

Wireless Doc "ASUS WiGig Display Doc" with less fewer in wireless screen output

The ASUS WiGi display Dock is a wireless doc that can output wireless output output. For communication, IEEE802.11ad, which is the Wi-Fi standard set in ROG Phone is used, and even when a game screen output is displayed with a few laps possible. The price is 30,800 yen.

Also, the wireless dock has a USB terminal as well as the video terminal. By connecting USB memory and HDD, it can be used as an NAS using IEEE802.11ad.

Doc available as desktop PC "Mobile Desktop Doc"

The Mobile Desktop Dock is a doc with a video output terminal, a USB port, a LAN port, and so on. By connecting a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, etc., you can use it as a personal computer. The price is 22,800 yen.

Mobile Desktop Doc

Specified display for keyboard operation

At the time of a doc connection, the function to devote the operation of the keyboard to the operation of the game will be available.

Doc compact "ASUS Professional Doc"

ASUS Professional Doc is a compact and portable doc than a Mobile Desktop Doc. It also has a video output terminal, a USB port and so on. The price is 10,1980 yen.

ASUS Professional Doc

Like the Mobile Desktop Dock, it is possible to assign the keyboard operation to the operation of the game.

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