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Aston Martin, "50th Anniversary of the Queen" "DBS Super Leggera Special Edition" -Car Watch

Limited edition "DBS Super Reggera Special Edition" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the film "The Queen 's 007" (left)

Aston Martin released a limited model "DBS Super Leggera Special Edition" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the film "The Queen 's Majesty 007" published on 19 May (local time) on May 22 (local time). The price is limited to 50 units and £ 300,007 (about 42 million yen). The presentation will start from the fourth quarter of 2019.

Based on the "DBS Super Leggera", which started in June 2018 as the "New Flame GT New Model", this limited model is an original "bond car" that appears in the play t film released in 1969. We adopted a olive green similar to DBS to body color. The roof, which is usually painted black and has two tones, is also switched to the same color specification for the body.

Moreover, in order to reproduce the feature of DBS in view, it is switched to the unique metal grill where six chrome usually runs horizontally in the plain grill type mesh. There is also a specific side stroke with a 50th anniversary logo, and the body is fitted with carbon fiber splits and aero blades. It has a 21 inch fake wheel with diamond cut finish with distinctive design.

Special Edition DBS Super Leggera Sold Limited to 50 for £ 300,007

DBS Leggera DBS Special Edition

Place a memorial logo on the side stake behind the front fender

The front grill has been changed to a specific metal grill with six chrome bars to reproduce DBS the "bond car"

Also in the internal “car car” motif, while it's based on a pure black leather interior trim, using the Alcantara gray mix as an accent. Red and red pipes are placed into the seating and door edges, and a red lining in the glove box containing the rifle in the play.

As an option for the special edition, you can select a drink for tailor-made special that fits perfectly with the trunk. Produced in line with the 007 series theme, this drink case is in perfect harmony with the character of Regling DBS DBS, with a metal felt clasp and a red felt lining liner, a bottle of champagne can hold 2 bottles and 4 glasses. champagne.

DBS Leggera Super DBS Special Edition

The interior is based on pure black leather with red accents

Shake plate with unique logo

A special logo has also been embroidered on the separator in the middle of the back seat

Aston Martin On Her Majesty's DBS Superleggera Special Service (28 seconds)

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