Thursday , May 26 2022

Xiaomi Black Shark / Finally in Italy, the smartphone telers


Waits have expired from the end: Xiaomi Black Shark arrives in Italy This was recently published by Xiaomi through a statement that introduced the new high-end model designed for gamers players. Even Italian consumers can buy this original device offered by the Chinese big at a very attractive price. As well as to appreciate, a 30 euro discount has been set aside for the first customers who will buy Xiaomi Black Shark during the launch. Looking at the new model you immediately understand that it is a unique type of phone. The design has been clearly inspired by the classic consoles, with the back cover which provides excellent grasp and excellentness. In the smartphone pack there is a bluetooth manager that can be placed on the left hand side when the phone is held horizontally. Through the change, it is possible to implement different functions, including a game library and a standard menu.

Scanner Du Xiaomi: features and specifications

Xiaomi Black Shark is a model that does not care for size and brings a screen of almost six inches with a FULL HD + resolution (2160 × 1080 pixels) as well as a Snapdragon 845 processor. The new system shows the news which allows to reduce the temperature of the phone up to a maximum of eight degrees; This will be possible thanks to cooling fluid. In terms of hardware, however, we have 6 or 8 GB of RAM, 64/128 GB of storage, an important rear camera of 10 and 20 megapixel. The forefront is that it's 20 megapixel, along with an up-to-date fingerprint reader, stereo speakers and a USB port. One of the features is the 3.5mm sound jack, although there is a very comfortable adapter in the original package. Another interesting element is the battery capacity, which promises a quick recovery and a capacity of 4,000 mAh. The basic prices range from 499 euros to 549 euros, black and gray available colors.

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