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WHAT TIME TAKES 2018 / Guests and live: Peppino di Capri, quasi-consuocero by Al Bano (November 11th)



Theatrical show In our little Ale and Franz have been inspired by Gaber and Jannacci. But how great is this? Both make improvisation, and the waves are similar. "We've been together for 24 years. We met in a theater team. [Ale] I even did an interview with Jannacci. I was taken for a project that never went to the port ". But it was still an honor. Peppino di Capri says a" strange "story." You're about to become an Al Bano user, "says Fabio Fazio. It's true: Darío was with Romina Junior. Peppino does not stop a lot. Instead he has a joke for his colleague, and Fabio restarts one thing: "He, from the point of view of the hair, a youth ". He explained once to him:" Black hair is important for working abroad ". [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


The great new Peppino di Capri has turned 60 … from a career. The following images are not funny. "You have no more champagne". "Not really, because they are great seconds". Caterina Balivo does not appreciate Marzullo's hair: "It's not really beautiful …". "What would I put in your scent" White shirt ". In response, he says that it is not handsome, but "interesting". How to forget him Ale of both, Ale and Franz, in his thunder, gives us a "dream". As well! Shortly afterwards, here is Francesco Facchinetti. "The doctrinal catechism, taught and spent seven years as a bishop's college". Orietta Berti literally discovers the altars: she knows everything from Facchinetti. "I wanted to be a Bap". But then he ended up singing with Pavarotti: "I offered a joke to the recording company. At the time I was out, and they made me seriously ". Lello Arena says about his society: "He is called the Son of the Desert, and that is why they are arresting us. But we are not terrorists". [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


Luciana Littizzetto advises authors Beautiful. "You can not make Ridge and Brooke get married through the time. It's the thirty-first! Good: let him be kidnapped by aliens." Then, thank Matty and Ely (Matteo Salvini and Elisa Isoardi) who gave them so much monologue to them. It's easy to make irony: from Gio Evan ("who looks like Caparezza cousin") to the picture on the edge of the "hot", Lucianina gets a lot of fun. Do not miss the address to another couple in the show: Asia Argento and Fabrizio Corona. "Oh, when compared, Morgan was an altar boy." We return to Matty, this time compared to Gigi (Di Maio). Xi Jinping is the "Apple Disagree". Di Maio called him "Ping", as they call it "Miao". Xi names "yes". From the series: "Mr. Yes!". The last theme is the hyperloop, the fast-paced motorway by Elon Musk. "I'd like to talk about those we have in Italy. Have you ever noticed the delays? Some are really hurt". And off the list, including some "Littizzetto" license. [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


Maurizio Costanzo explains And TNT to roses, the book that traces life lives, assaults and … love. We're beginning to talk about the "tritolo". The attack on Via Fauro remembers living: "Thank you for sending Falcone's image. Then you sent another interesting clip, the one for Madonia, the straw that broke the camel". The results, through God's grace, were not tragic. "If someone died, I would have left TV. I would not have suffered the idea, because of my work, that an innocent stranger had lost his life". It ends with a joke: "I'm like the Pooh, shining. Every five minutes they say we'll leave, then make a reunion and it's probably the case ". It's like this. With one difference: "I do not have to ask anyone. All that is needed is the editor to turn the camera on to me, and I started talking." The only law to grow old is not continue working. "There's nothing but this," says Costanzo Costanzo. After the TNT the roses come: "I immediately understand that I have to marry Mary. The first word I said to her, however, was not very attractive: & # 39; Moving "Finally, it's got:" Is Maria at home? Can we call it? " Direct beauty (and connection). [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


For Paolo Gentiloni, Salvini prradas on Minniti laurels. Not only that: "It's assembled on the skin of a hundred poor people". To return to win, the Democratic Party should make alliances. He said he himself a few months ago. Why, therefore, the 5 Star did not go well? "The agreement was not really possible. I appeal to the Government to tell him to correct this economic move. The problem does not give European diktats in". In short, this is not a two-way challenge between Italy and Brussels. "I believe that this government is a danger to a country. If it falls, we will breathe a sigh of relief". Here is the worthy view of the opposition revealer. Everyone is democratically: "I hope to make a mistake". Salvini has the popularity of "rockstar", for Fabio Fazio. Response to Gentiloni: "Mario Monti, four or five months after its inception, has inspired a level of popularity Salvini dreams about." Final: "Play Europe is dangerous to the world and to Italy". [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


A What time it does, Rocco Casalino is in touch. Fabio Fazio sends the criminal clip, the journalism lesson that writes to the class. "Let's explain: that was an interview simulation. They asked me to play the character, motivate the boys for educational purposes." Then he goes to the movie's qualities: "I did not to see it would have turned me. But I do not have a problem apologizing. "And away to the story:" I am homosexual, my life has not been easy. When I was a child , my family emigrated to Germany: even here they were discriminated against ". How, however, do the ministers and the First Minister think? "I changed. They know me personally, and they know that those who leave me do not represent me". The MoVimento accompaniment has become accompanists of unhappy departures. After the dismissal of the Raggi mayor, Di Battista used strong words: "Journalists are given * ane". Casalino himself is a journalist: "Politics has directed us to a strong language. I am not a politician, but from the communicative viewpoint that he is serving, he does not work and # 39 ; [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


Luciana Littizzetto appeals immediately. "In Rai, in Milan, we have a very big problem: mosquitoes in the dressing room. There are mosquitoes and bed beds, but what do they want?" To do this, start a What time it doesit's like. The attempt to coat Cottarelli follows. The first episode is the European Commission's response. That still expects: "This budget did not like it. They wait two days: let's see what the Italian government will do." In the meantime, the public deficit is growing. Growth prospects are relatively positive, and clearly contrast to loss data. In terms of the Monetary Fund, there was talk about "risks of interference". The flu virus is spreading into the EU; but what does it mean? "If Italy hurts, it's likely the countries that are similar to it will also hurt". Not all types of avoidance include a crime. What do you expect to happen? "I still expect the spread to remain stable. The delivery procedures? We must see the movements of the Commission first". [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


The diatribe between Quentin Tarantino and Ennio Morricone continues. Tonight, we'll probably talk to them What time it does. In the volume chat (published by HarperCollins), Giuseppe Tornatore talks about a long time with the teacher. There was a big debate on the recent statement by Tarantino: "Morricone is like a Mozart, like Schubert." What did you think? "Answer:" I believe it's generous, and there's a # 39; I probably did not even believe what he was saying. But I add that there is an award of any artist, and I am not just talking of composers, you can actually give it only after his death, on After studying carefully on his scores, paintings or sculptures, you can not evaluate it immediately. Sometimes something is excited, but then we think again, we are correcting ourselves. His words are a little & # 39 ; I was glad, a little, they also gave me the impression that he was taking me on a trip, perhaps with the goal of creating advertising around the movie. Believe in similar awards, they are the rest. When I was young and they told myself very well, I was very bitter. Now I'll close up and dweu tell me myself: what if she was genuinely? " [agg. di Rossella Pastore]


Che tempo che fa social profile has a lot of criticism, where some consumers challenge the program to maintain a clear political line. In order to release the latest protests, the presence of Paolo Gentiloni was announced, who will be arriving at Fabio Fazio's talk show to present his book entitled "The Impopulist Challenge". "Transfer to close as soon as possible, an unconnected presenter", reads the official page of the program, and again: "we use remote control in many, however, we are passing the page Is it also to express a dispute or it's just done for those who sing it and do it sound? " The backup of the fans page immediately, with the support of many words that continue to appreciate the line adopted by the Rai 1 program: "When do we hope this culture of avoiding will touch program / us, or otherwise, I'll actually bring the TV a seler! Thanks for your honest information! " (Topic by Fabiola Iuliano)


And How much time is given to the world of the cinema with both the newly enrolled Morricone Enrollment Academy Award, and Giuseppe Tornatore. Both artists will trace their amazing careers in the Fabio Fazio living room, where they will reveal unpublished details on their route and some small previews of future projects only. In the last few hours, Ennio Morricone has denied some statements that he has been awarded by a German journalist, according to what Quentin Tarantino defined as an "idiot". After interviewing Repubblica, the Oscar winner denied what was reported by the German edition of Playboy, where a "fully invented" interview was published. "I will have sent my solicitors to report the journalist and journalist (…) This morning I applied to inform the friend of Giuseppe Tornatore about this issue, but I am literally fallen from the clouds ", confirms Ennio Morricone. This and much more will be discussed this evening at the Rai 1 talk show, where the famous composer, accompanied by Giuseppe Tornatore, will be able to tell her story. (Topic by Fabiola Iuliano)


Starting from 20.35 today, Sunday 11 November 2018, will be broadcast on the leading network of Casa Rai, the new episode with "Che tempo che fa", the talk show run by Fabio Fazio. There are a number of intrusive guests and among these, also two masters: Ennio Morricone and Giuseppe Tornatore. On the occasion of the birthday of Maestro Morricone (90, yesterday, Saturday 10th November) and from Tineatore's sixty New Cinema Paradiso, the two Oscar Awards – who have just come out the book "Ennio. for HarperCollins editions – is said in the broadcaster's study. Maurizio Costanzo will be a guest-in-house, talk about his 80th birthday and the book released on the 13th town of the name "Il tritolo e le rose", where & # 39; back by the nineties through his composers and personal events. On Che Tempo Che Fa desk we will see Paolo Gentiloni, former Prime Minister, from November 13 in bookshops with "The Impopulist Challenge". In the studio to excite the audience with music, even Elisa with the "If it's raining your name". Space for Carlo Cottarelli and the table with Ale & Franz, Caterina Balivo and Peppino Di Capri. Of course, there will be a lack of tonight too, Luciana Littizzetto and Filippa Lagerback. (Update by Valentina Gambino)


What time it does I'll broadcast today, Sunday 11 November, at 20.35 on Raiuno. Fabio Fazio, with each other Filippa Lagerback to Luciana Littizzetto, welcomes many characters from the world of entertainment, music and politics. The first great guests who will sit in the Che tempo che fa china are two masters of Italian music Ennio Morricone to Giuseppe Tornatore. On the occasion of Maestro Morricone's birthday, which 90th on Cinema Paradiso's 10th and 30th anniversary, both Oscars are presented to the Fabio Fazio studio.


Not just music in the new appointment with Che tempo che fa. In connection there will be Maurizio Costanzo, father of the Italian speaking show and who has just turned 80. Maria Maria Fil Filippi "Il tritolo e le rose", a book that traces the nineties through his composers and personal events and not only that in bookshops from November 13th. And yet Paolo Gentiloni about the space dedicated to politics, while for lovers of music there will be one of the most important female names in the Italian scene Elisa with the song "If it rains your name". Finally, also at today's meeting there will be the usual comment by Carlo Cottarelli, Director of the Observatory on Italian Public Accounts.


On that board they will sit down Ale & Franz, touring theaters with the show "In our little"; Raiuno afternoon program leader "Come Me" Caterina Balivo to Peppino Di Capri, songwriter who has made the history of Italian music like Champagne and Roberta. Yet Francesco Facchinetti and champion Marco Lodadio who won the bronze medal in the rounds in the World Gymnastics Championships in Doha on November 2.

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