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17.06 Image of the group that is very popular, now 25 km to go to the finish line. We have already gone to Modena province and the speed has increased dramatically.

17.04 A very simple day for the big names still covering, Vincenzo Nibali smiling: the Shark seems to be very burdensome.

17.02 We remember that the stage today is absolutely flat, the group is brief and we are beginning to think about the time announced.

17.00 Valerio Conti will keep the pink shirt even at the end of the day.


16.55 The two strikers' attempts are due to end soon.

16.53 Maglia Rosa of Valerio Conti is also at the forefront of the platoon.

16.51 30 ”benefit to the couple who have an order over the platoon which will soon be brief.

16.48 This time Hatsuyama overtakes Covili.

4.45 pm The sprinter Bardiani Simion had also fallen into the ground in the same collapse as Battaglin.

16.43 Soon the second milestone of the day, Crevalcore.

16.41 40 kilometers to the finish line, advantage 1 ”to the two refugees to arrive soon.

4.40 pm Poor reduction in group: Enrico Battaglin has fallen to the ground.

16.37 With this acceleration the group has greatly improved the refugees: advantage of 10 ”.

16.35 Sprint for the group: Démare more than Ackermann and Cima.

16.34 Covili passes in front of Hatsuyama on the finishing line.

16.30 We are close to San Giovanni's flight goal in Persiceto, the birthplace of Marco Belinelli, blue star NBA basketball.

16.26 The couple always led Luca Covili (Bardiani-CSF) and Sho Hatsuyama (Nippo Vini Fantini Faizanè).

16.23 In the group Giacomo Nizzolo and Elia Viviani, discuss quietly. Both will be among the main sprinters today.

16.17 More pictures of the runners on the tour.

4.15 pm A day of great silence in a group.

16.12 We did not yet see the winner of the last sprint winner Lotto Soudal Caleb Ewan at work.

16.09 60 km on the finish line, 2 ’advantage for the couple under control.

16.07 Very low hourly rate: the group is walking below 40km / h.

16.05 Pictures at first.

16.03 The advantage of the torque on the order which always settles on the 2 ′.

16.00 Deceunick Quick-Step, Bora-hansgrohe a FDJ. Still the Viviani, Ackermann and Démare teams who set the pace in groups.

15.58 More images of two bravery of the day.

15.53 Another day in the Maglia Rosa for Valerio Conti, which can also start tomorrow as a Wednesday leader.

15.49 75 when Covili and Hatsuyama arrived who will attempt to resist all of those groups.

15.46 Mechanical problem without concerns to Cerny.

15.43 80 kilometers on arrival, 20 '' advantage to the refugees' The group remains very close.

15.40 From the Giro social media channels.

15.35 More images of the race.

15.33 Advantage has reduced to 2 ′. The group could slow down, although a man from Bora-hansgrohe had also arrived.

15.30 Situation doesn't change: always the two men are in control with the group that manages less than 3.

15.26 Vegni words for next week:

15.23 There is a lot of wind on the race: at the moment it's almost impossible to attack fans, but later you don't know.

15.20 We remind you that Luca Covili (Bardiani-CSF) and Sho Hatsuyama (Nippo Vini Fantini Faizanè) on the attack.

15.16 FDJ and Deceunick Quick-Step is still leading the group, Bora-hansgrohe Ackermann hasn't seen it yet.

15.12 Advantage is our constant stay at 10 '.

15.09 Now 100 kilometers to the finish line, completely flat: about two hours and we'll go towards Modena sprint.

15.07 Data from Hatsuyama, one of the two men on the journey.

15.03 Today also pay attention to young Italians: Jakub Mareczko and Matteo Moschetti in such a simple fraction can show all their qualities in the sprint.

15.00 Advantage over 3 always, the group manages.

14.58 Renshaw, one of the best men in the world: it will be essential for a Nizzolo sprint.

14.55 Capture to live images of the race.

14.53 The first year as a professional to Covili, last year was well placed in the Under 23's Giro.

14.49 When 110 kilometers to go, 3 minutes 30 minutes after the attackers.

14.45 The platoon doesn't quite want to take risks: "30" the delay, is completely malleable.

14.42 Very static stage of race: we remember Luca Covili (Bardiani-CSF) and Sho Hatsuyama (Nippo Vini Fantini Faizanè) on the attack.

14.38 Images of the group.

14.34 The two men in charge do not care the platon in the least.

14.32 FDJ and Deceunick Fast Step leads the group. Viviani is serious today: she wants to win.

14.30 125 km on the finish line, 4 ′ of benefit to both.

14.28 Luca Covili tried to escape from arriving near Pavullo nel Frignano in the state of Modena. The knight Bardiani-CSF is the youngest Italian in Giro's Italia in 2019.

14.24 Here are the words of Valerio Conti (United Arab Emirates) before leaving, the Lazio rider was very realistic in analyzing his chances of defending the Maglia Rosa to Verona.

14.20 The advantage of the treads is greater than 4 '00' and the sprint teams are starting to organize themselves. Deceuninck-QuickStep and Groupama-FDJ both lead a man in the main jobs, the task will be to keep the edge in the first part.

14.18 Strongly controlled speed for the main group traveling the whole road and approximately 28 km / h.

14.15 The advantage of the pair rises quickly to the attack that reaches our "00" when we traveled 10 km.

14.12 The official departure was suspended a few minutes to allow the group to sum up, just after the Covili and Hatsuyama went through with the intelligent agreement of the rest of the platoon.

14.08 The second day of the attack for the Japanese rider Sho Hatsuyama (Nippo Vini Fantini Faizanè), who is already the main character of the aircraft which characterized the third phase.

14.05 The group is rising and the advantage of the leading pair rises rapidly to 130 ”. The scenario that has come to the obvious is ideal for intermittent teams that will not have any difficulty in managing the attackers and recreating the race in the final for the t sprint.

14.02 It happens very quickly: Luca Covili (Bardiani-CSF) and Sho Hatsuyama (Nippo Vini Fantini Faizanè) escape from the main group and give life to escape the day. No other attempt to attack.

2.00 pm TIRO D'ITALIA 2019!

13.58 For the benefit of the group and the sprinters, surely, leaving a plane somewhat small to keep the situation under control and to organize the effort without difficulty.

13.55 This is the main group that crosses the streets of the spectacular Ravenna, a few minutes to the official start of the stage.

13.52 Left to right Giulio Ciccone (Trek-Segafredo), Valerio Conti (United Arab Emirates), Pascal Ackermann (BORA-hansgrohe) to Nans Peters (AG2R La Mondiale) have installed usually in the front row on the starting line.

13.50 Transfer the section of 5.5 km through the streets of Ravenna, then start the tenth step Giro's Italia 2016!

13.48 Valerio Conti (United Arab Emirates) is gearing up for the fourth day in Maglia Rosa, the young rider Lazio was undoubtedly one of the first characters in the first week and will be able to defend the legacy symbol tomorrow.

13.44 The group is used close to the start line, the normal transfer section will start soon and then it will resume the 2019 Italian Tour adventure. We will see whether attacks will begin immediately to search for the escape. day.

13.40 After the victory was stolen by the jury in the sprint of Orbetello, the Italian national champion had also suffered a penalty of 50 points at the site in the Ciclamino Jersey, giving the best. effective to the hopes of winning for the second year in a row. Without this goal, Elia Viviani's race could end early and today's stage represents one of the last opportunities to make his mark.

13.36 Here the Deceuninck-QuickStep is located in full at the Departure Village, and the team's support will also be crucial to Elia Viviani in trying to overcome the first success in the Giro d & # 39; This 2014 Italia.

13.34 A number of Italian riders will aim for a grand result, from Davide Cimolai (Israeli Cycling Academy) to Matteo Moschetti (Trek-Segafredo), from Giacomo Nizzolo (Data Dimension) to Manuel Belletti (Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec).

13.30 Here is a picture of Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) as he greets Ravenna's audience. The Australian sprinter wants to repeat himself after winning the second success of his career in the Giro's Italia in Pesaro.

13.27 Compared with the last sprints that occurred during the first week, reaching the end of the fractions, they were still lively and challenging for the group as some Terracina and Pesaro, should come Modena rewarding expert. So Elia Viviani (Deceuninck-QuickStep) seems to have a few more cards than Pascal Ackermann (BORA-hansgrohe) and Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) focusing on the main favorites on the night.

13.23 The chances of the attackers will be very small: the complete profile will always allow the most organized main opponents formations to organize the effort with the greatest silence and just a surprising surprise that could avoid The sprint. This is the height of the stage.

13.20 Meanwhile, the main protagonist procession starts on Firme Sheet. This is Vincenzo Nibali and the public greeting in Bahrain Merida.

13.18 Today's village should continue to represent a day of relative tranquility for the race, also thanks to the sun shining from the end of the Giro for this Italia in 2019. The scenario t The most likely tactical means that the escape will be kept under the control of the group and the teams of sprintlers, planning to play for success at the finish line in Modena.

13.15 On the day of the rest, all teams held short training to help the runners to recover and avoid lactic acid. Here are some photos of the work of Bahrain Merida by Vincenzo Nibali.

13.12 The Jersey Cyclamen of the site puts firmly on the shoulders of the German Pascal Ackermann (BORA-hansgrohe), while Giulio Ciccone (Trek-Segafredo) still occupies the Jersey Jersey of best climber. Instead, Giovanni Carboni (Bardiani-CSF) has lost the White Jersey from the best to take advantage of French Peters Nans (AG2R La Mondiale) in the Sunday period.

13.09 This is a shot of Ravenna's Village of Departure, which will win the Endless Trophy? The road to Verona is still long … t

13.07 Compatible with the situation defined by the single time trial at San Marino, where Valerio Conti (United Arab Emirates) defended the Jersey Pink from the Primoz Roglic attack (Jumbo-Visma), currently the second at 1.50. Vincenzo Nibali (Bahrain Merida) has a complete delay of "34", but the gap towards Slovenia is fully recoverable and in line with the prospects given the type of trials faced. in this.

13.04 Here is a short video presentation of the village organized today. There is a departure at 1.45pm.

13.02 After the usual day of rest, the second week of the 102th edition of Corsa Rosa begins, when the first real climbs will start and the battle between the floors will be lit. However, the platform today has been devoted to sprinklers with a level path from the first to the last kilometer across the Po Valley.

13.00 Friends of Hello Sport Sport and welcome LIVE LIVE from the 10th stage of the 2019 Italy Tour, a fraction of 145 km starting from Ravenna and arriving at Modena.

The overall classification after the first weekPath, height and favorites of the seventh fractionThe list of countries crossed by the stageVincenzo Nibali and the rest dayAll episodes of "La Fagianata del Magro"TV programs the day

Good afternoon enthusiastic and welcoming friends Sport and cycling OA Sport to LIVE LIVE for the tenth stage of Giro's Italia 2016! After the rest of the rest day, the second week begins where the mountains will be prime protagonists and the battle between men of the distribution will be permanently lit. To show the climbs, however, you will need to wait a few more days: in fact the fraction of today has to be tailored to the speed experts and the only possible option at the end. y 145 km from Ravenna to Bologna is completely flat this seems to be the sprint. The stage will see on the one hand the fight for success of the day, with the most popular men's teams who will try to manage the situation in the group, and on the other hand the men's stage race, which t We intend to stay away from bad surprises and to save energy for the next fractions.

There is no altimetric difficulty on the path today, the only risks to the group will be a planimetric order (traffic island, humps, roundabouts). The race will spin through the Po Valley and the presence of long stories will surely be a disadvantage to the inevitable escape of the day. The most obvious result of course is the sprint, but Giro d Italia 2019 has put things up even in the first week and no one can afford to relax. It doesn't change the list of favorites, with them Elia Viviani (Deceuninck-QuickStep) is still pursuing the first success, and with Pascal Ackermann (HORIZENS) e Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) appears as the most accredited opponents. Followed by a comment also Arnaud Démare (Groupama-FDJ), Matteo Moschetti (Trek-Segafredo) and Davide Cimolai (Israel's Cycling Academy) who could find the goal on the goal where pure power will make the difference .

The tenth stage of Giro's Italia 2019 will start from Ravenna at 1.45pm and will end at Modena around 5.15pm.. OA Sport will offer you the usual LIVE full LIVE text, with real-time updates to lose nothing. Have fun! (Foto LaPresse)

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