Tuesday , August 9 2022

Varese, son of Maroni candidate (Lega) on the civic list to support the PD


It applies to the administrative offices of its borough, but it wants to "be a journalist and not a professional politician", as did his father. Which, politically, think differently from him. Fabrizio Maroni, A 19-year-old son of the former minister and governor of Lombardy Roberto, Selected "make it available to the community" and will try to enter the municipal council Lozza. Not near the Northern League but for the left left area. The young man, a political science student, is actually a candidate on the civic list that he supports t Giuseppe Licata, the mayor of the Democratic Party Lozza, a municipality in the Varese area, and returned to the next elections. The news is the news The Prealpina.

"Yes, on the list we have Fabrizio who is a great boy – confirms the Mayor of Licata to the newspaper -. I'm very happy for him to decide he's available to the community but not because he's a son Roberto Maroni, but about the kind of person he is. A young man who has shown on other occasions to be capable and ready: this is the first step to measuring himself with the community. ”If Fabrizio takes sides against the League, his father, The Carroccio has always criticized the Secretary to the presidency of the council Giancarlo Giorgetti for the story Siri-Arata.

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