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Urtis massages and rides Zorzi, De Blanck “hits”


Tommaso Zorzi is sad and lies on the bed on his stomach, Urtis panching and massage. A funny scene that fans can’t fail to notice: there are holes in Tommaso’s panties


The Countess of De Blanck sees the scene and runs off there beat: Giacomo and Tommaso snacks. A sentence that, however, do not like ai fan who attack the earls because they judge the offensive comment and out of place

Zorzi and the mood swings

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Now the audience and fans they know that Zorzi he often has interchangeable moments when will collapse emotionally, or he has gods unstable mood, and for this reason that isolates itself from everyone, coming is low and no one can comfort him. Then, as soon as he gets better, he returns to being the main exuberant character we know.

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Urtis gives Tommaso a massage, but there are holes in the panties

massage urtis zorzi

The massage o Urtis and Zorzi has provoked laughing and don’t finish: epochal. Here she is scene who introduced himself to the supporters and the public from Big Brother Vip: Tommaso extend to belly down is located on the bed from the blue room of the House. Giacomo sitting in astride above it and practicing the relaxing massage that was supposed to help them relax and overcome tensions. Both tenants I am in his underwear, but many have noticed it It had holes in Tommaso’s slip. One particular that consumers Twitter they actually found them thrilling, unlike the beat pronunciation by Countess of De Blanck.

Countess: “Tommaso has a snack companion”

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View Tommy and Giacomo along with the sockets with a massage, Patrizia he actually said: “Tommaso has found a snack companionWords that have not gone unnoticed, but have angry lots of viewers. “But what exactly does that mean?” someone asks, “Why call it that? He has just found a person, still insisting he is different … I just get worse and worse every day “, wrote users on Twitter believing that Patrizia which is referred to their sexual orientation.

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But not only. There are also those who believe, beyond the unhappy and abusive joke by Patrizia, themassage idea have been it was suggested by the authors and this what’s not in like for many

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