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Toxin juice and diet to lose weight in 10 days: how we work and advice


Toxin juice and diet to lose weight in 10 days: how we work and advice

How the diet detox works

After food "scarf" of the holiday, ran to the medicines for the line. On the other hand, you have to be very careful about "miraculous" answers when it comes to losing weight. Among other things, returning to a healthy lifestyle – nutrition and appropriate physical activity – can often be enough to restore the best shape. In short, it's not important how and how much you eat from Christmas up to Epiphany, but how and how much you eat it; The Epiphany to Christmas.

Dose diet: just fashion or is it working?

This “detoxification” diet took place some time ago, around the beginning of the 1990s, along with the launch of some diet products in the market (like those Juice Plus). As with any aspect of life, too in diet and, above all, in some weight loss, gradients are fundamental.

After Christmas bins it will be very difficult to start with a detox diet. In fact, the initial caloric intake will be very low – also leading to a reduction in mood and energy – and then increasing after two weeks.

It is clear that even after the first 10 days there could be significant weight loss, but it would be better to have a balanced diet and certainly more stable results in the medium to long term.

Diet of teeth: how do we work?

Given all the necessary warnings, one of the most interesting "detox" diets is the one offered by the doctor. Mark Hyman in his "glycemic balance diet". As well as rapid weight loss (5 kilos in 10 days), the proposed diet promises an improvement in general health, ie more energy, better mood and sleep, but also the reduction in chronic joint pain, taking up. head, dermatological disorders, digestive problems.

Essan's essentially asks for his diet preventing sugar, salt, coffee, alcohol and glutamate and, in parallel, the use of fruit and vegetables (without starch) and other natural ingredients (including vegetable and seed oils), detoxification spices (thyme, turmeric, cayenne pepper). The “typical” meals are very similar to “healthy” meals.

Three meals: we start breakfast with a smoothie (even dried fruits, seeds, vegetables such as cucumber, ginger can be added). For lunch, vegetable soup (without starch) with chicken or salmon, or vegetables (without starch) with chicken, turkey or salmon; lunch time is the same: salmon or chicken with vegetables. There are also versions for vegetarians or vegans where tofu and tempeh are substituted for meat.



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