Tuesday , January 25 2022

Toninelli "In the blackboard", crawling on television in front of the children


Danilo Toninelli "On the blackboard". Even the Transport Minister has tried to be a teacher for the transfer of Raitre where children have to ask questions of politicians or entertainment people at present (and not just).

The minister, now called for his cafe, comes, then, again sneezed on social media. "Toninelli on the blackboard is conceptual in oxymoron", "But what did they do to get this penalty?", Read some tweets. Grill Toninelli, who was recently challenged at the House in the House to make the pistyll approved o Genoa dl, yesterday, he started classroom-based program in a program broadcast by the public service. And he himself admits himself to be "lucky" when he came into Parliament and when he was appointed minister. "I can do everything I can, all the effort you are doing at school when you're studying", explain the minister, emulate and scare him and Luca and Paolo duel, along with comedian Ubaldo Pantani.

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