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Tim: from May 26, 2019 Recharge new cut + 10 euro with euro credit includes – | Telephony Offers

According to rumors TIM from Monday 26 May 2019 in tobacco, bars and news shops taking part will change the top-up of 10 euro. In detail, Tim it will change the value of the refund charged by 10 euros, coming to the final customer Add 10+.

The cut of 10+ euro for TIM, it will have 9 euro additions with Records and Giga without concerns for 24 hours of stimulation.

From 26 May 2019, therefore, TIM customers have to ask for additions of 5 or 10 euros in Lottomatica, Sisal and other circuits knowing that they do not trigger a simple addition, but an addition with mandatory implementation of promotion of momentum.

In this way, each Team recharges customers who decide to use them it can enjoy minutes to every national number and unlimited data traffic for 1 day. + reloading also offer the possibility of automatically participating in the raffle of 10,000 prizes per month, between them refill, Samsung Galaxy S9 + and Samsung Galaxy Tab TAB 10.5.

It's not forbidden that the new cut is extended to other sales channels, but it's early to know.

The new Ricarica break allows you to take advantage of a special promotion lasts one day, which will offer a bundle containing unlimited records and giga in 4.5G (valid until 11:59 pm from day after activation). The promotion has a cost of 1 euro for refueling + o cuts 5 and 10 euro.

The data traffic supplied with Top-up + will be valid for browsing the internet on every APN (, and and may be used to roam in European countries, for occasional journeys, t up to a maximum of 500 MB. The problematic service will be included and the NHSA will be counted in advance units of 1KB.

That says that the bundle offered will be prioritized for use compared to other tariff options that are active on the line, and which ones any amount of Giga not consumed within 24 hours will be permanently lost, because the promo is automatically deactivated.

From 26 May 2019, with the exception of any changes, the Recharge + cuts are available Unlimited records and gigabytes for 24 hours (until 11:59 pm on the day after activation) will: 5 euro with 4 euro credits e 10 euro with credit € 9.

If the news is confirmed, the "actual" supplementary cuts (without additional costs) will be made by 20 euros, 30 euro, 50 euros and 100 euro (VAT to include).

For the promos and the tariff options they provide Unlimited Giga, TIM always recalls that the user needs to use the second offer good faith and fairness and therefore must not have advantages other than those associated with the normal use of the proposal for interpersonal communication; it is assumed that material does not comply with goodwill over 500 Giga.

As mentioned above, by purchasing a + addition, you will take part in the competition of the name "Rebate + and Win 2019”, Allows you to earn refunds, smartphones and tablets. This is a prize competition for all customers who can be rechargeable and valid until 11:59 pm on 30 December 2019, subject to any changes.

The prize draw is immediate, actually after recharging the customer receive SMS including communications & final earningsand, if there is a positive result, he / she will have to accept the prize by answering the same message as Tim, within a maximum period of time. 7 daysotherwise the prize will not be accepted.

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