Wednesday , April 14 2021

Think of cold, but actually lost a backbone fluid

Man called Greg Phillpotts He spoke to the broadcaster abc from a particular situation that has created many problems over the past five years. Greg, from Johnston County, North Carolina, often had what he thought in the first place cool in normal. For a long five years, he thought he was allergic to something or had bronchitis since he had been nose at any time of his day. And, also achieve & Inaccurate diagnosis of doctors, for this time they did not understand what the real problem was. That is to say, what was dried off his nose was a crossover fluid and for this it had to be implemented. "It could happen anywhere – told the man to journalists – on the plane or in cooking: I once spoiled Thanksgiving lunches." "I just did not stuff my nostrils in my chestBut then from February, the situation was getting worse and I can no longer sleep, I'll hide through the night ", he continued. Phillpotts was just back in hospital , having the precise diagnosis: losing a crossover fluid.

Need surgery – "This is – Dr. Alfred Iloreta, Mount Sinai Hospital in New York – explained the fluid that surrounds the brain, protects it, removes the link to the wall walls frost, trauma, blow ". So Phillpotts had minimal intrusive surgery that should have solved the problem. The doctors explained that the patient was also very fortunate as often as this rare condition it also means hearing loss and meningitis. "Known as ascending infections – explained the doctor – bacteria are getting back from the nose to the brain that cause meningitis".

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