Sunday , January 23 2022

there are resources for the Cremona-Mantova motorway


Milan, November 20 (askanews) – "We have already indicated on Tuesday 11 December the date on which we will meet the Tremis for Cremona and Mantua State Competitiveness, where we expect firm proposals on the Cremona / Mantova motorway and Those who consider the infrastructure priorities for these territories: economic resources, as they were, are still there ". The president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, responds to the statements of President Lombarde's Signature, Giuliano Capetti, by whom the Cremona-Mantua will be going to an abolition procedure because the money is flawed.

"No-one – still in Fontana – has never refused to build the highway in question, as always, decisions are made after conflicts with those who truly and organizationally represent & # The territories in that partnership that are a milestone in our way of governing the most important Italian region, so there is no decision to do the above, but shared choices I do not understand What Giuliano Capetti tells about, I can remember, a pro-time officer responsible for Lombard Litter from the Regional Council, and MEP Massimiliano Salini, are from them use a very popular season, just fake news ".

The President of Fontana also recalls that he has never avoided conflicts, but instead "always put his face" in the decisions made by the regional administration. "I also refer to the trains – coming to the conclusion of the president – where, and I challenged anyone to prove otherwise, since I took a job, it took not only the responsibilities of the Region , but also the others. explore conscience ". Waiting for the board that we will be convening for December 11, this week, the first of a series of technical meetings in the Region will be among the stakeholders to establish the pathway to achieve common objectives.

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