Sunday , January 23 2022

the sting on current accounts


Increase on progress. Management costs current accounts rally banking from year to year. Indeed, two years ago, according to the survey conducted by Bank of Italy, the average cost for current account management has reached 79.4 euros. Significant increase, taking into account that in 2016 the expenditure was € 77.6 and in 2015 to € 76.5.

In the last period, in short, there has been a reversal of credit institutions at the expense of customers naturally. As this was not enough, current bank accounts account costs increased by 0.6 euros in 2017.

Going into details, the increase related to fixed expenses and fees for credit and debit cards.

The sting also included a Post Office. Actually, in 2017 the cost of running a post account increased, it nummed 2.1 euro to reach 49.8 euros.

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