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the public saves Luna, remove Palace Palace Seveso


X Factor 2018, fourth live: The public saves Luna, remove Palace Palace Seveso

Luna, Naomi and Phaso Casino Seveso Here are the singers who are at risk in the heat of the third quarter of living X Factor 2018. Luna performs with "A widow by Rita Ora". Palace Palace Seveso's work path is "I'm from Caparezza's moon", Naomi shines with anyone perfect by Jessie J. The home crowd saves Luna. The Seveso Casino delete in the tilt.

After performances and three talents Lodo Guenzi clearly eliminates Naomi and Fedez the Seveso Casino Palace. Mara Maionchi: «I leave the Seveso». "This is a ballot impossible – comments by Manuel Angnelli – For the first time the Seveso will go to the bubble. Tonight, Naomi was not in a form, just for that reason». You're going to the Tilt. The public saves Naomi, a sigh of relief to Fedez who had put a lot of danger by singing to Naomi "Crisis Metropolitana" by Giuni Russo. Lodo Guenzi stays alone with Bowlands. In the next chapter we will listen to the unpublished songs of all the singers. Last updated: November 16th, 00:34 © REPORT ON

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