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The intentions and applications of the technician to the president


Massimiliano Allegri talks about his future: this is what President Andrea Agnelli is asking him to stay in Juventus

Massimiliano Allegri change the communication line that predicts to the future. Go back, start your journey in an Italian top club, talk about Milan and offer a wider view of its European route. And then he gives himself twice the chance to win the Champions, on top of the Juventus.

The focus on the team

«Life is made of challenges. This year is coming to an end. Next year there will be another opportunity, and then there will be another opportunity – explains Allegri -. Luckily, since I was in Milan, I've always had the chance to win the Champions League, because I've always been successful in the elimination round ». Situation complete the thought revealed during a press conference on the eve of the derby talking about her future: «I have the motives. When I focus clearly on the team, I start again. When I'm not convinced at a technical level, I don't start again ».

Renewal of contracts

For those two other opportunities requested by the technician, who should meet in these hours Agnelli To frame his future at Juventus, extending a contract of just one year would be enough, bearing in mind that the technician would end at the end of next season. It would mean, to him, the possibility of closing a decade at hand and best Italian club, to be able to say about a decade of challenges, instincts, and some mistakes to make.

The sixth sense of Allegri

Eleven terms, to be precise, could lead back to a feature that has always been differentiated in its path as a coach. In the sense in numerology, in fact, the eleven represents the illumination, the visionary optics, which are that instinct t Allegri are definite moments each term. It's probably the sixth sense today is being renewed: before you let yourself be expelled by the outrageous offers of abroad (experience will be late or later for completion of itself) t ) by continuing to dream of a future on the national blue bench, t Allegri feel that it must remain Juventus, to try again the attack on the Champions. To the Club, and so to Agnelli, obviously, the last word.

The Allegri Trail in the Champions League

Milan 2010-11: has been removed by Tottenham in the round of 16
Milan 2011-12: It has been removed from Barcelona to the quarterly finals
Milan 2012-13: has been removed from Barcelona in the 16 round
Milan 2013-14: has been removed by Atletico Madrid in the last 16 (released in mid-January) t
Juventus 2014-15: against the final by Barcelona
Juventus 2015-16: Bayern Munich has been eliminated in the 16-year-old round
Juventus 2016-17: Real Madrid has been defeated in the final
Juventus 2017-18: deleted in the final quarters by Real Madrid
Juventus 2018-19: Ajax has been eliminated in the quarterly finals
Juventus 2019-20: end of contract on 30 June 2020

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