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The death of Fabrizio Frizzi has changed me, I'm giving the right value to things & # 39; – Tvzap

Presenter Portobello He talked about the effect that he has been suffering from the death of his great friend on his life and career choices made during this year, including the farewell to Chef test

"Life is running fast. The death of Fabrizio Frizzi changed. You think that this job makes a small immunity for many but then you'll find all your vulnerability, "he said. Antonella Clerici i Sunday I, hotel Mara Venier in a Sunday Sun lounge1. "It was also time for me to relieve some burdens. I've changed a lot since then and even the battles on Auditel, I give the right value to things. attackers ", continued Antonellina, which is currently driving Portobello, who also talked about his great fun Chef test excluded from some argument: "After eighteen years I wanted to go back to life".

Antonella Clerici and the death of Fabrizio Frizzi

"But do you have to be brave?" He asks Honorable Sea I hostess (HERE complete video of the interview, starting from minute 49:30). "I believe so," answered Clerici. "In my opinion, the TV is fun, it's a game, it does not follow too much rules. If you're getting rid of me then I'll find it hard. We are very fortunate, we do work that we love for many years and we love us. Then there are the climaxes and the minimum, the successes and the smallest moments … As I always say, never queen and never stupid"." When you meet Prince Charming, you understand that the right time to make a change in your life "explains the presenter when talking about changing it life with the transition to the countryside Then the blonde leader Lombard admits him directly without too much words: the disease that suffered for the death of her friend Fabrizio has affected her; Extremely on his life and even a way to relate even to the work: "Fabrizio Frizzi's death has changed to me. You think that this job makes you a bit immune for many things and then also find out how fragile we are all. What happened to Fabrizio that made me realize that life is short and some trains can not be lost, "he said. Antonellina in the Venier. "Nobody expects something as fast as Fabrizio although we did not know well and recently it was also obvious. He wanted to fight, "said his friend Clerici.

Antonella Clerici: the farewell to La prova del cuoco a beichiogrwydd

ar Chef test, the program she dedicated to her, says Clerici: "Give for eighteen years a day, live, in the Italian towns it was a very strong experience. I lose the relationship with the public, I did not regret the choice but in the morning I'm thinking about it because I can no longer do it. It was a program that changed my life but also the one that changed a little TV, this is the first cooking program. I believe if I ever went into the history of television history, that would be that … We were unreasonable, without a script. "Clerici does not even make any secret of the hardship suffered to get pregnant:" I do a lot of care to get my dad. I used to make holes on my stomach before going on the air, but on TV you have to be happy and not let emotions stimulate them. "

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