Saturday , May 28 2022

Tax fiscal, skip the amnesty: from the green light Palazzo Chigi to the new decree version


Agreement in Government

Among the main news, give up the amnesty and re-submit the baby bonus. Here is the agreement – have defined as "full" sources by a league – arrived just under two hours at the top of Palazzo Chigi. The new measures will be formalized with changes to the tax tax during the process in the Senedd that will come live from next week


Surprisingly, an evening and nightly summit in Palazzo Chigi increases the tax bill and canceled the supplementary statement, effectively blowing the ammesty, measured for weeks. There is a "full agreement" in government, sources know Palazzo Chigi, explaining that "the supplementary statement disappears and it will only be possible to regulate the statement".

The amnesty has canceled
Then the supplementary statement disappears from the financial & financial measures & # 39; which is called incredible to the Read: only the statement can be regulated. In terms of the fight against tax avoidance, the databases are released, the Financial Police can have direct access to them without having to request authorizations from prosecutors. But a prison for tax savers will not be introduced, unlike what was originally asked by the 5 stars.

Even in terms of financial peace measures, the possibility of spreading the right & # 39; Within five years, the possibility of obtaining a ruling of every tax award, by paying a small percentage that is proportionate to the victory in the different views, will continue to be confirmed. Among the agreed changes, the possibility to correct the formal errors in tax returns with 200 euros per year.

An increase of three million euros is forecast for the national fund for migrant policies for the fight against hiring; the allocation, starting from 2019, will also act to implement a special board in the Ministry of Labor.

Bonus will be reintroduced and electronic cigarettes will be deleted; VAT transfers of 1.5% for cash transfers. It is also envisaged that there will be a tax tax reform to avoid tax on square umbrellas meters in the bathing establishments and the procedures to allow Regions to recover the expenses paid to the companies Pharmacists more than the established budget have to be released.

Not mentioned by the two governing parties on the issue of the WMB, as it has emerged to date, it seems that one of the issues that can be abolished with the North League, 39; n aim to change the 2016 reform.

Lega and M5S come together
Lega and M5S congregate after the hard fight over the amnesty caused by Luigi Di Maio's public accusations on the small hand and # 39; who had led the yellow green government to the short of the crisis. Di Maio, who had never digested to the amnesty, did not hide his great satisfaction and give Instagram the picture of a glass of red writing: I'm very happy with results tonight. Today we are toast. "

The Alliance: the main measures remain
On his behalf, Carroccio, always at a more favorable situation for the amnesty, must note that other measures of financial peace still stand as the possibility of spreading & # 39 ; The right within 5 years and to leave any judgment of the minimum opinion pays a small percentage that is proportionate to the victory in different views (there are over 400 thousand trials that are coming up).

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