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Sunday 5 May World Hand Hygiene Day


Sunday 5 May World Hand Hygiene Day

Sunday 5 May is celebrated World Hygiene Day. Promoted by the World Health Organization, theWHOthe initiative aims to raise awareness and combat infections associated with care (known as Ica) and the spread of infections. bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics of unclean hands.
Study conducted in the. T United States he counted in that country for her 75,000 patients die in a year because of Ica, while at European level i deaths they happen every year 29,000, of them 2,600 is Italy. Figures that cannot leave us indifferent if we think there are 26,000 deaths each year due to road accidents.

is Italy in a study in 2016 involving 56 hospitals in 19 regions, Ica was seen in 8% of the over 14,000 patients analyzed. 22% were in hospital; 85% originated from the hospital. According to the 2013 study, conducted by the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC), it is estimated that 3.2 million Ica patients per year go to hospitals in Europe. The most common types of Ica are pneumonia (23%), surgical site infections (19%), urinary tract infections (19%) e Central venous catheter bacteraemia (11%).

"These figures speak for themselves. Send in how much epidemic that is quiet every day in the places that are in the collective imagination dedicated to care and prevention. We need to raise awareness not only about the medical and paramedical staff that's operating there but also the population every day he goes to a caring environment to help and assist members of the sick family "is underlined t Pierangelo ClericiAMCLI President and Director of the Microbiology Operational Unit of West Milanese Social Health Agency.

The problem that comes to the obvious is the spread of multi-resistant bacteria to antibiotics (MDR). "Over 25% of ICAs are caused by bacteria bacteria. Today, with antibiotic abuse, we do not just choose the most resistant bacteria and remove the most sensitive bacteria," we underline Annibale Raglio, A Study Committee Co-ordinator from AMCLI and a member of the SIMPIOS Board. According to a study commissioned by the UK Government, they are estimated 750,000 deaths worldwide every year due to antibiotic resistance and, if the spread of many resistant bacteria is not controlled, in the 2050 10 million deaths will be counted. More than the cancer makes 8 million. In 2050 antibiotic resistance will cost $ US trillion in the world's gross domestic product. "If the average Italy is with other European countries because of the percentage of Ica, unfortunately due to the circulation of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Italy is the European country where there are more deaths. occurs due to the MDR bacteria "adds Raglio.

In the framework of the Day promoted by the World Health Organization, it will take place in Rhondda Cynon Taf Bergamo from 6 to 8 May the first European Course on the development and implementation of Ica prevention and control of MDR bacteria, t co-ordinated by the European Infection Control Committee (EUCIC) European Association of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) and in collaboration with the Italian Multidisciplinary Society for the Prevention of IOS (SIMPIOS), the Italian Society of Microbiologists (SIM), Association of Italian Clinical Microbiologists (AMCLI), the Italian Association for Infectious Diseases and Tropical (SIMIT), the Italian Hygiene Association (SITI) and the Italian Federation of Medicine Associations (FISM).

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