Saturday , May 28 2022

Stop also on gas next year


After the politicians raised by the television broadcast And hyenas referring to the gas meters that continued to run even in the absence of actual use, finally there is good news for Italian consumers. As is already happening at least March 2018 for the bills of electricity, starting from next January 1, 2019 what is called short prescription It will also be extended to gas supplies [VIDEO]. As a result, Italian consumers will not have to worry about having their astronomical invoices provided to their homes and refer to the use re-calculated up to five years according to. The prescription, in fact, will be reduced to only two years.

This was established by the Arera decision, the Authority for energy regulation, networks and environments.

What changes have the new prescription terms?

As mentioned above, a decrease in statute was predicted restrictions from five to two years, for the electricity market, already in the 2018 Budget Law. Now that Arera would have only expanded those provisions to the gas market. From next January, in practice, in case they happen relevant delays in the bill of eating that can be attributed to the negligence of the supplier or even the distributor (both figures are in fact they do not coincide), the final consumer-user can claim the two-year prescription and pay exclusively for consumptionthe last two years.

New supplier obligations

In addition, the Arera decision determines that the gas suppliers will have two types of obligation towards their customers.

First, they have to facilitate the customer – consumers in exercising their right to to block the prescription. This right should be done effectively by sending it to the customer two billions different. One that includes the sums to pay up to two years in advance, and another invoice which should include a summary of prescribed amounts because they refer to more than two years ago.

Additional obligation of supplier companies [VIDEO], which has been connected to the previous one, is about preparing and precise model or format customers will have to complete to communicate to the company their willingness to exercise the right to prescribe sums over two years. These provisions, as set out in the newspaper Il Sole 24 Mine have been included in the Arera Decision No. 569/2018 / R / com is available on the authority's own website.

Adiconsum, the consumer protection association, has issued a press release where they agree to the Arera decision.

In this way, the consumer association states, the word is set end to practice that has heavy pressure on the budgets of millions of Italian families. But good news would not have stopped. In fact, as it always points to it Il Sole24 Mine, o March 2019 the new rules on prescription of two-year bills will also apply to the use of water. In this way, achieve total uniformity.

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