Sunday , November 29 2020

so they're disappearing from the checking account

A new scam triggers the alarm postal police. Again, in the window, i current accounts. This time, who managed to get the account, takes € 19.90 per month. Very low figure that could not be ignored. In fact, the scam has a quite particular system: the money is deducted from the account with a Falls, or direct debit application. The application probably seems to be done by the same account holder. But in fact, it is not aware of the scam that is being eaten behind it. The amount is so small that could be ignored.

The postal police in recent days receive avalanche of reports. And so on the social profiles, the same police decided to warn the account holder: "The RID (direct debit application) is the most convenient tool to make payments from time to time against service provision most common (eg gas bills, water, telephone, etc.). The amount charged fraudulently without the user's authorization is small, and could escape unintentional eye. / c equal to 19.90 Euro. Experts from Police & Venetian Communications and Communications advise, to avoid taking this type of fraud, to check the list of movements in their current account often, which is now much easier thanks too to home banking services ". Please note your movement list.

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