Sunday , August 14 2022

Sexual abuse group, 3 stops in Catania – Sicily


In a 19-year-old US car, misused with mobile phones

Three young men were arrested by the Carabinieri from Catania for group rape against a 19-year-old woman in the United States. The abuse was carried out last March 15 in a car, parked in a remote location in the waterfront, after the victim went with them to drink in the movida; in the city to take by the three with their mobile phones. They were identified thanks to a video that the girl had filmed with in a club at the center and from the one she was sent the next day by one of the raiders who invited her to go out. together again.

Custody was announced by the Catania Public Prosecutor's office against Roberto Mirabella, 20, Salvatore Castrogiovanni and 19-year-old Agatino Spampinato, and then verified by the investigating magistrate who ordered the three to keep them in prison.