Thursday , May 26 2022

Series A, Sports Judge: two times for Higuain


ROME – Two days of obstruction. Here is the sanction against Gonzalo Higuain, the striker of the Milan was expelled for protests in the final of the game that lost 2-0 in San Siro against the Juventus from the team of Gattus. Disablement, reads the official statement of the Sports Judge (Gerald Mastandrea), he was given him «For protests against the Officers (Third penalty); for a very disturbing behavior towards the Competition Director, she had contacted her, at the time of the 38th and second half protests, in a disordered and threatening way, and the party repeated the protests when she got move it from the ground of play ». So the Pipita & # 39; loses the direct conflicts in the area Champions League against the Lazio (fourth to +1 on the rossoners) all & # 39;Olympic organized for the resumption of the after-the-counter championship and also the next home game against the Parma.

TURN FOR THREE AND HACHIN – As well as Higuain three other players were allowed, each for one round. It's about Brozovic (Inter) Linetty (Sampdoria) e Rincon (Turin). Coaches are the day of giving the best to Beppe Iachini (Empoli) «In order, in the second half of the second half, he said stupid expression during a replacement; crime found by the Fourth Official ».

Soci – Higuain, nightmare night

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