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Salvini in Naples: "The environmental disaster, energy waste plant for every province"


Today, in Nepal, the Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, presides over the Committee's meeting on the Public and Security Order. The minister talks about an environmental crisis, assaulting the City and District on the front of waste, inviting Magistris mayor to "eat the waste" if it is up to plants energy waste

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He also talks about emigrants, the situation of Vasto, the baby gangs, the amnesty in Ischia and exacerbating penalties for drug dealers. The minister also promises the city of Naples more vigilant by the year and meets the Eastern priests. Meanwhile in Galleria Umberto, a few steps from the Prefecture, fifty Insurgency Social Center companies are organizing a protest and police are blocking (with lighter costs): a 15-year-old boy injured in the head.

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• Campania is at risk of environmental disaster
"I am afraid of the risks of environmental disasters, there is a risk of global, health and social crisis, there is no planning and incapacity" – explains Matteo Salvini – If one thinks badly, and I am not , it could be assumed that nothing is done because someone is interested in doing nothing. The health of citizens is at risk as in any other region in Italy ".
• Energy waste plant for each province
"You need the courage to say that you need a waste plant for each province because, if you produce waste, you have to dispose it," said Salvini from Naples. "In mid-January, the only waste waste plant in the region is being held – he said – in fact an emergency has announced". "There really is crazy incapacity – I added – since the crisis of 2008 we came back, but no amendment".

• "De Magistris if you eat the waste"
The mayor opposes the waste plants to energy? "If you eat the waste" says Matteo Salvini. "I would not have to force them – he says – we've heard everything: if there is a health problem for children and he is unconscious on behalf of public administrators, then it can also be set".
"We talk about the health of millions of people – it adds – unless Magistris is willing to make a single worldwide and also the Region". "If they find a good location – I came to the conclusion – otherwise we will look after it".

• The situation is Vasto
Around 140 immigrants were removed during this month and a half, so we reduced the presence in the neighborhood from 600 to about 400. But we need to go down again because it really does not Problems related to the presence of immigrants only, but in that neighborhood the presence had ruined the situation, "said the deputy prime minister and interior, Matteo Salvini, interviewed by Radio Crc , just a few hours away from the provincial committee for public order and security, which will preside in the Prefecture for the second time in Naples. Within a month, Salvini explained that "a reduction in landing affects positive with the decline of immigrants, in Naples as well as in other cities. In terms of illegal occupations checks, I will leave the Prefecture timetable, with the names and surnames of buildings and realities living too long by criminals who, as in Rome and other cities, will begin to be evicted and & # 39; return to the city ".

• 106 police and evictions within the year
"There are 106 urban policing, video surveillance systems, standard rottama scooters are in the security decree and there is a program of exposures of buildings occupied between Naples and the province, mainly those that are unsafe and & # 39 ; those occupied by the Camorra of objective criteria that are not determined by the confrontation or sympathy of the minister ". So, Minister Out of Matteo Salvini, at the end of the public order committee in Naples.

Naples, Protestants against Salvini have been blocked by the police at Galleria Umberto

• Clearing with flowers
"We will turn them out with flowers in Naples". Therefore, Minister Interior, Matteo Salvini, responds to a statement from the Mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris who said yesterday how the removal of Baobab in Rome and the possible revelations of social centers is the "politics of the truncheon, with institutional violence ". "There is a timetable," recalls Salvini, "for the eviction of illegally occupied buildings, eviction in Naples and the province will be subject to objective criteria and not through the minister's sympathy or dissatisfaction" . "This – adds Salvini – above all dangerous buildings, houses occupied by the Camorra, to signal Camorra that we make war Within the year I believe we will give Signal signals to restore pieces of legality, as will be done in Rome where some busy buildings will be cleaned from the end within the year. " "The social centers – we come to the conclusion – at the moment, the last problem, we need the intervention, not from the police, but from wider social support ".

Tidy between protesters and police, a person injured
There was a stroke of a little bag and a boy from the social center. Insurgencia was injured slightly by the letter. He took place at Orchard Gallery I in Naples, when a group of around twenty objectors sought to reach the counseling at Piazza del Plebiscito where the Minister for Out Matteo Salvini chairs the Committee for public order and security . . The boy would have been hit during police retention.

Salvini in Naples, protesting with the lesson in the street

• Minister's response to scrap: "The usual shortcomings of social centers"
Speaking about "exceptional reception", Matteo Salvini, describes the one that was received today from the city of Naples. But during the press conference, the operators of the social centers, who had recently had tensions with the police, were also asked. "They told me that there were four normal idiotic social centers," said Salvini.

• Baby Gang

"For better or worse, answer what you are doing," said Minister Interior. "O youth court," he said – applications have been received to recognize new crimes, for example, for a pocket of knives ". "There is a school leakage rate," added Salvini, "which leads to criminality: first, we realized this at the end of the year, but now it sounds horrible after 5 or 6 days a job training theme ".

• The amnesty in Ischia
I oppose the amnesty in principle, because you pay the price as it happened in Sicily, "said Minister Salvini, talking about the rules that relate to Ischia , which is included in the decree of Genoa. " There were requests and if the public did not answer for years – he added – the public body is faulty. There is no need for an unauthorized need to excuse, illegal is illegal, there was a request for warts. "" Asked – it comes to the conclusion – that there is a needs experience and requirements ".

• The meeting with the priests of the East area

"We asked Salvini for strategies as some entrepreneurs invested in East Naples, creating work opportunities and installing important structures such as Ospedale del Mare, University of San Giovanni and Plasbart Ponticelli," explains Federico Saporito's father, dean of the ninth headquarters of Napoli today has met six parish priests from zo East Napoli, Minister of Out Matteo Salvini in Naples. The priest had signed with the parish priests of the area an open letter for the re-launch of the Bar, Ponticelli and San Giovanni and Teduccio neighborhoods, Camorra's enemy and unemployment: "We found out – he told the exit of the Prefecture – climate I listened to by the minister, we also presented a document with applications for the development of the territory with medium and long term programs, and we expect for definite steps with rationalization and interventions. " We read a statement from the mayor of Magistris who says he had arranged a meeting. We are proud. In this time, instead of wanting to appoint, we are keen for a leading policy. "Incaza Saporito, who reports after a city council member meeting, but notes" at present no meeting has been arranged. "" We – ends – ready to return Ready to make our daily task already challenging. We are not interested in going into problem solving, but we want to ask them to deal with them. "

• "Drug dealers are murderers and we will worsen the pain "
"I have asked the Minister of Justice to co-operate, so that I have to treat the drugs as murderers, we need to take off sentences, bring them to dignity level for sellers of death", ensures Salvini in Naples. "For me – it's added – the drug dealers must be treated as murderers, because the final result of their activity is that I can take them, but they can not go out after a quarter of an hour because the drugs and They keep them for personal use. I asked a Joint Justice Member to work together on this. "

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