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Rheumatological therapies: the SIR is destinations for the PGCE to guarantee the prescriptive freedom of the doctor



The Scientific Society has appealed to the Regional Administrative Court against the provision of five Divisions to merge for the purchase of one biosimilar drug. "So the constitutional rights of the expert and patient are no longer protected. And the savings that have been achieved are virtual only"


Rome, November 19, 2018 – The Association of Italian Rheumatology (SIR) has appealed to the Regional Administrative Court against the recent decision by five Divisions (Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta, Lazio, Sardinia and Veneto) to join me Buy biosimilar medication that is used to treat some serious rheumatological diseases and possibly disable (including rheumatoid arthritis and soriatic arthritis). This provision effectively requires doctors to use only one drug.


Professor Mauro Galeazzi

"In this way, prescription freedom is no longer guaranteed to experts, and exacerbating the varied treatment of rheumatized patients in the different Italian regions has exacerbated – says Prof. Mauro Galeazzi, National President of the SIR – That is why we have turned to justice administrative and not because we are using biosimilars. We are convinced that these similar medicines can only equally determine significant economic benefits to the whole national health system. We want, however, to protect our undesirable right: i always show the drug we believe most suited to each individual patient ".


Professor Luigi Sinigaglia

"The decision to turn to the PGCE was taken for the unique benefit of patients affected by severe and chronic rheumatological diseases – continuing with Professor Luigi Sinigaglia, SIR Elected President – Some patient associations have already criticized Choosing from the Five Regions We join our application and as clinicians, we can not express strong complexity. The imposition of the use of one biosimile instead of its origin can, in fact, lead to some problems. from scientific studies, also conducted in Italy, has shown that it could cause the disease to be exacerbated. In this regard, the same Italian Drug Agency has announced on its site that the reporting of over 400 events harmful, including a significant number of cases of disease recovery, occurs when starting from a beginner to biosimilar. Therefore, the automatic drug change is a routine that requires attention and may cause factors that may cause the effects of disease, Patient associated with the patient may be influenced by a factor which is related to disease as an illness status (eliminating low illness activity) or presence of complexity. The potential to exacerbate illnesses can result in new hospital admissions, diagnostic tests and prescriptions for further treatment. In addition, changing the drug for pure non-medical motivation means a global reassessment of the patient's condition and adequate justification as normal practice needs to adapt all therapy. The savings that have been obtained with the last-time risk added tender are virtual only ".

"Biosimilar medicines are a great resource and can be as safe and effective as the biologists used for several years – Galeazzi and Sinigaglia add – therapeutic continuity, however, is a constitutional right that is necessary For organizations safeguarded locally and nationally, it can not and should not be thrown ".
There are more than five million people affected by rheumatological diseases in Italy. They increase across the Peninsula. According to a recent national survey conducted by the SIR, 45% of citizens do not know that there are effective medical therapies that can oppose them.

"There is a lack of awareness that is worrying and it must convince all health organizations to make more efforts to tackle them – continues Sinigaglia – Pneumatologists need to engage with everyday people with heavy, unwell and sometimes fatal diseases. We also enjoy their trust because we recognize the ability to detect and prescribe therapies best beyond the limits set for economic or political reasons. This is what, in the last few days, has even been highlighted, even by an investigation by the Federation of Medical Orders. This is an important recognition of the citizens and we want to continue playing this basic role for the whole society as the Italian rheumatologists will not accept the prescriptive appropriateness of the state, which is counted solely on large numbers, because we have no number patient .

"As a Scientific Society, and even so forth as citizens only, we have the greatest trust and respect in Italian justice – the end of Galeazzi – We are confident that the Administrative Court accept our requests as they are for the benefit of society as a whole and not just from a professional category ".

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