Telephone companies are already preparing service offers to their customers immediately to their customers as an alternative to a cash refund on the bill. Adiconsum invites users to carefully evaluate the repayment proposals they will receive from companies.

The case for consumer rebates for bills on 28 days has not yet expired, as the State Council has rejected the suspension requested by the companies when making repayments, inviting them to prepare a plan for admissions. payments.

Mauro Vergari, Head of the Office of Studies, Research and Innovation Adiconsum, does not state that he is opposed to the possibility of repayment by offering free services to consumers rather than a cash refund on forthcoming bills. , but we emphasize that only the users, so we are asking the Communications Regulation Authority (AGCOM) ensure that the procedures for obtaining repayments are equal regardless of their type.

Adiconsum invites all users to carefully evaluate any offers they receive from phone companies, contacting local Adiconsum offices for assistance and bearing in mind that the right to a financial refund is expired if accepted. service. The Council of State has set the hearing for next 4 July.