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PIERLUIGI GOLLINI MASNACHIG GIULIA PROVVEDI? / Hi in tears: "It could have been avoided" (Big Brother Vip 2018)

Although Deianira Marzano is ready to disclose new details and evidence of the alleged pirate Pierluigi Gollini, at the Big Brother Vip House, Giulia Provvedi continues to live in despair. The girl reveals herself with her friends and gives tears and worries to her. "I think he could have been avoided," said Giulia, referring to her boyfriend and telling her. "True or not when you love you question yourself. I'm at risk of losing my story," continues with Provedi. Martina agrees with her but he advises her not to reach busy collections. However, Giulia continues: "It's not a story like this, I do not allow light. As I think about it and others do not do that." Then she advises her: "protect your relative, I know you need to talk about it ", but Giulia is definitely. Will Pierluigi interferes on Thursday? (Update by Anna Montesano)

Deianira's new revelations

When studying Afternoon 5, we return to talk about the alleged pirate Pierluigi Golleni against Giulia Provvedi. Barbara tells Urso that there will be an important evidence soon for him. After broadcasting the movie that summarizes the second when Giulia learns about the hearings of her boyfriend and the subsequent post of Gollini, D '# 39; Urso is a video that Deianira Marzano sent to the presenter about the relationship. "I can confirm all that I said, that evening in Hollywood, I saw Giulia's love to be stupid with some women aboard, says the blogger, but he added – but then I saw it take a boyfriend that went away. Of course, I'm not in the bed of this player, I just say what I saw! "(Update by Anna Montesano)

Gabriele Parpiglia speaks

Golfo Pierluigi has truly betrayed Giulia Provvedi? The patches continue despite the message given by the player during the Big Brother Vip episode that was broadcast yesterday. Donatella has, in fact, got to know the patches that circulate on Gulling but, as there is no sound evidence yet. Gabriele Parpiglia expresses himself on this question. On Instagram, both the journalist and the TV writer write: "Question: but if Pierluigi Gollini had betrayed Giulia Provvedi … would you still keep this picture? Like a background of wup (WhatsApp ed) on your phone? Would you remember it – so it's added – And as I know it, I do not think so. Do not forget it's a player professional football, she has a code of ethics to respect and can not easily access television or reveal herself without the consent of the company … then everything is possible (almost everything) "ends Parpiglia. (Update by Anna Montesano)

Deianira said: "I have a test"

Pierluigi Gollini has sneaked the rumors for his possible betrayal: Atalanta's first keeper assaulted the first person on Instagram, renewing his girlfriend to his girlfriend, Giulia Provvedi and supporting his trip to Big Brother Vip . There is a short distance of statements, however, even Deianira's back on the question. By relying on its Instagram Stories, the influential added that he had received more evidence and was willing to do it publicly as proof of previous insignia. He aimed not only to prove the truth but also to give Giulia the news about what happened in his absence. So the story might only be the beginning: this could be a new starting point for the special episode on Thursday, November 22, where he could enter the Casa Deianira. In the case of the possible meeting between Giulia Provvedi and a Pierluigi Gollini maid, it is unlikely that it will take place in the chapters of the Big Brother Vip due to the well-known sports commitments. (Gan Dorigo Annalisa)

The denial of Instagram

During the eleventh episode of the Big Brother Vip 2018 episode, Pierluigi Gollini and Giulia Provvedi have been the subject of debate due to the alleged betrayal of Atalanta's goalkeeper. Le Donatella's dawn has discovered through her possible pirate sister her boyfriend; news that has become a blue bolt, even if we're reassured, we think that Silvia Provvedi and Alfonso Signorini. The journalist, in fact, invited the singer to reflect on it and especially because it's just a noise, patches that do not have valid evidence at the moment. Just a few minutes after the bomb "brad" broke out inside the house, Pierluigi Gollini decided to break the silence once and for all. Instagram Instant Instruments goalkeeper announced where he wrote: "You are Giulia very strong as our love is! I love you and I can not wait for you yet. I'll wait for you"A real statement of the lover of the player who, once and for all, has calmened the conversation again confirming his love for the beautiful Giulia Provvedi (update by Emanuele Ambrosio)

Adju Giulia Provvedi

Giulia Provided Pierluigi Gollini: the pirate bomb falls into the Big Brother Vip 2018. House Ilary Blasi during the fifth episode of the Channel 5 reality show shows a series of Silvia Provvedi online articles talking about a possible betrayal o Pierluigi Gollini. At the moment, however, there is no picture that portrayed the poor Atalanta goalkeeper with this "brunette" with her who left in well-known Milanese. Nevertheless, Silvia Provvedi had to share this strange with her sister Giulia, who was fighting tears. "I did not expect it, it hurts me, but I do not say anything because there is no truth. I can continue with a journey in any case, I have arrived so far with & My sister and I do not give her up now, "said Giulia Provedi in tears. Fortunately for her sister, Silvia Provvedi and Alfonso Signorini, who emphasized not putting us a lot of pressure, as it's just hearing it. At the moment who knows that Pierluigi Gollini does not decide to explain in the best interests of his girlfriend. (update by Emanuele Ambrosio)

Betrayal yes or no?

Pierluigi Gollini to Giulia Provvedi is one of the final composers of Big Brother Vip 2018. Ilary Blasi, indeed, during the living separately inside the house Le Donatella told Silvia Provvedi of rumors that ended during Last days on the possible pirate Pierluigi Gollini to her sister Giulia. Naturally, these are just rumors launched by Deianira Marzano who launched on the bomb Instagram claiming they had seen the Atalanta goalkeeper in the company's late night out of the well-known Milan club. Bom broke, on Monday 19 November 2018, inside the Big Brother Vip 2018 house literally overwhelmingly the poor Giulia Provvedi. Sister Silvia Provvedi was the one who had to tell her about these rumors that he only talked about in the world he knew about. (update by Emanuele Ambrosio)

Pierluigi Gollini to Giulia Provvedi

Pierluigi Gollini, y love o Giulia Provved Le Donatella returns to talk about herself. While her girlfriend is "separated" in a house Big Brother Vip 2018A real storm broke out of the house. In the launch of the bomb, as indicated by the site's, Deianira Marzano on Instagram was talking about the possible betting of the Atalanta football. But let's go quietly. The Terrible, as you call on social media, on Instagram has announced a long job where he said he saw Pierluigi Gollini at a famous club in Milan with a number of women. In particular, Deianira Marzano has determined he sees the Atalanta dumper going out of the room in close attitudes with a brunette girl.

Pierluigi Gollini, Deianira Marzano's words on Instagram

Here is the message that was posted by Deianira Marzano or the name La Terribile our Instagram: "As you know well, I do not get tired. yl October 28 I was in Hollywood with my friends and you know who I found? Pierluigi Gollini. He was in the club with his colleagues and he tried through the night in the table where I was also. Not only was the fate of each but, at the end of the night, with a trussie, he began to dance in close attitudes. "The 40-year-old Neapolitan added:" Conlcusa the night puts the hood on his head and, With this brunette, have moved away from the local"Currently, however, there is no image or video that confirms the influential version. Meanwhile, always on Instagram Pierluigi Gollini has devoted a long job to beloved: "You can not understand what I feel, the feelings when I close you when I start early in the morning and I do not find you in bed, you'll get it first. Your good morning on a ticket and a string on top, you're out of a woman, inside you have your head in the air and the air is getting rid of this life hard but you are not You know it again a pure creature, naive by nature, shake my hand when you're scared".

Giulia Providing in tears

Meanwhile Giulia Provved de Le Donatella the interior of a house Big Brother Vip 2018 told Ivan Cattaneo and Jane Alexander talking about an old story. "He cheated me with a friend to my girlfriend"Then the actor fought Le Donatella's blonde to tears."It's hard when talking about it"The singer La Donatella said:"every time and then there is a flat"."I did not cry for betraying one before, that's not, it happens, it's overcoming"Explains the scary singer produced by Jane Alexander who emphasizes:"You want to overcome it"Then, says Giulia Provvedi:"What's my excitement, if so we say, is that you find good people"Then the actor asks:" What happened to you that you do not have good people? "Well, when does a good thing happen to you say" did you fall from the sky? " Giulia Provvedi talks about her Pierluigi Gollini: "It's very strong, but I was not sure how it could take a break like that, because it's not an environment, so when my mother told me "I feel it every day, in your love you more than before "means that I saw the Giulia who knows and I'm happy because I have confirmed who Giulia is inside in all his aspects".

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