Sunday , December 5 2021

Pensions, in December, the hottest check


We are almost there. Like every year in December the pension allowance will be more heavier than the habit. And certainly not surprising: in just over twenty days the will will come eleven, The extra salary – also known as a "Christmas bonus" – has paid all pensioners, including social allowance holders. I am retired the same rules apply to employees: if the service holder did not come in board At the beginning of the year, only receive those accruals for actual retirement months. For many retirees – mostly those who lose the minimum allowance – the advent of thirteen will be a nice breath of oxygen. Instead, those who already have a decent pension can take the opportunity to have a gift or stimulate some little luxury.

Pensions, when the December check is paid

The bad news – it's just about part of holders board – is that in December those who remove the check by themselves credit institution you'll have to wait a few more days. The legislation actually identifies the first banking day of the month as the pension date of the pension. In December, in terms of the banks, the first banking day will be Monday 3. However, there is no problem for those who are sending a check back to the post office: in the case this the pension will be paid as early as 1st December. As Inps explains, the difference "is to open the Post Office Saturday, a condition that allows the Post Office to operate one more day a week than" Banks. "

Pension payments 2018, calendar

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