Tuesday , May 24 2022

OnePlus McLaren 6T arrives next December 11th


OnePlus is squeezing The first partnership with a car brand, prepare to launch next December 11th special edition of OnePlus 6T has to customize from British McLaren. Smartphones and car brands are getting more and more with each other, think about Huawei with the Porsche Design series or Oppo with Find X Lamborghini Edition.

OnePlus is so on the wheel, and the teaser site opened by a few hours, you understand how smartphone maker is happy to launch this new collaboration. The URL that is entered for the web page contains the words "McLaren 6T", and it can not be excluded that the device's trade name can not be this.

And slogan "Illness to Speed" it's suggesting how the speed again will be a central point, probably adds more memory compared to current models. On the aesthetic side you should not force excess, if not for it The McLaren brand has probably placed on the back body and a change in color, the only F1 model may have only recovered the orange historian of the car maker.

For the occasion, OnePlus has also launched an accessible competition from the forum: lucky winners will get a free ticket to the conference at the McLaren Technology Center in the United Kingdom, return flight tickets and stay hotel. Nice to get involved create a video telling your passion for speed and will go to OnePlus port via a specific form.

The six winners will be contacted after the 30th of November.

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(update on November 27, 2018, 11:26 am)

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