Monday , August 15 2022

new proposal with incredible content


TIMStarting from 6 May TIM it should start a promotional campaign that sees an excellent proposition distribution, the Infinity Unlimited D, for some lucky users who already have a rechargeable SIM from the phone operator concerned.

Unlike the classic ones operator attack available to customers who leave a particular phone operator, in this case we are talking about a distributed version in version Winback SMS, so for the exclusive use of those directly connected with them TIM.

The campaign SMS so it will allow, with a receipt on the number already a customer from an information message, activate the message Infinity Unlimited D o 29 euro per month with direct debit i a credit or current account.

TIM: this is the new Infinity Unlimited D offer

The promotion in question seems to be very interesting, inside them being located records without limits to use them to call anyone you want, Unlimited SMS to send to so many phone numbers too unlimited gig to sail as fast as possible in Italy and European Union countries.

Only i customers rechargeable with active SIM SIM, without activation costs or special restrictions are set directly by the phone operator.

In Europe, according to the current regulations that control roaming, the consumer can make the most of it 12 gigs internet traffic every month. Of course, we talk about everything unlimited, assuming always use in good faith (the limit is 10,000 minutes, 10,000 SMS and 500 giga each renewal). Only by submitting the SMS in the TIM stores will it be possible to operate.

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