Thursday , August 11 2022

New promo and 50GB at historical price


TIM recovers thousands of users: a new promo and 50GB at a historic price

When he arrived iliad to break the quiet that lived among the numerous managers that worked in Italy, TIM has lost so many users. Many people have actually left the quality assured of higher quality Italian Manager, to go towards new horizons.

The French provider really offers more and more prices slightly lower, although things seem to be even equal. In fact the new offer TIM aims to bring home to everyone who has decided to lose the road voluntarily. Prices have decreased and content has increased and now it is difficult to find a bromo better than the one offered by the Italian operator.

TIM now aims at CoopVoce: this is how it intends to bring users, the 50GB Iron comes with everything that is included for just 6,99 euros

Nobody believed that any other provider around Italy could have beaten one day Ilion. In fact, it was very difficult to think of such an event, but at the moment it was the most famous company, TIM.

The last one has chosen a solution that has already been proven in recent months to try to recover another wave of users. In fact, the famous promo of the name 50GB haearn, a proposal that many have signed in due course. The price remains the same: only 6.99 euros and those that pass by Iliad or others MVNO not from the TIM and Vodafone network. Inside unrestricted records ac 50 Giga in 4G.

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