Thursday , May 26 2022

New fall for Bitcoins value


The excellence par cryptomoneta is going to a new era of financial instability, possibly due to the problematic problem of Bitcoin Cash that triggers uncertainty on the whole market.

After being officially distributed as a speculative bubble worse than the Dot-Com bubble created in 2000, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are experiencing a new era of instability of these days: Bitcoin's value falls and breaks down the $ 6,000 wall, bringing the rest of the virtual coins with her today.

The reduction was recorded below $ 6,000 yesterday, with a negative peak of less than $ 5,400; the result is a new negative record for Bitcoin, cryptomonet and a year ago (in December 2017) almost $ 20,000 per individual BTC. Bitcoin had collapsed, the other virtual money also received heavy owners with -13% of Ethereum and -15% of Ripple XRP.

Bitcoin value fall

What is the loss of the value of BTC and company because? A hypothesis looks at the sale of technological stocks recently (including some Apple), while somewhere else talk about the The potential effects of separating the Bitcoin Cash community: This "far-off" was eventually won by a division of Bitcoin supporters, and is now preparing to be split again with two operations and two unaccompanied blocks (Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV). A power game that came down Bitcoin Cash by -18% at the same time as the "smooth" bitcoin collapse.

In just 24 hours, the entire market has burned a capitalization value of $ 15 billion; From the beginning of this year, the current market has dropped an impressive 70%. During the days and next weeks, the evolution of the situation will need to be evaluated, to check if the new fall represents an indigenous event or start startup New era of instability for the cryptomete business.

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