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Milan, the full hospital. Kessie makes her, suspect Calhanoglu. Stop at least 2 months to Musacchio


If the previous stop for the national teams had been negative for Milan, who had just found consistent results, at this time the break takes place in the way. Two weeks will be useful to recover some players that are not available today, or who take the field in conditions far from perfect. Before settling on the procedure, the very hard rock on Sunday is overcoming: Juventus arrives at San Siro, and Gattuso has counted the men. There is a long time ending that has affected Strinic (heart problems, even even available), Caldara and Biglia, add to Bonaventura: fortunately a knee is not a dam Jack is serious, but the pain has become chronic and against the samples of Italy will not be there.

Franck Kessie, 21 years old. LaPresse

Franck Kessie, 21 years old. LaPresse

who and who are not – –
The good news is about Calabria (an ankle in his place) and especially Higuain, who has trained in the group today and seems to have completely eliminated the after-effects of the golf at Udine between the back to the side. Kessie also dropped her teeth, came out of Seville and was tired, generally, without a knee. Then the list of suspicions began: Cutrone has again hurt her ankle injured in the Sub-21, the same speech for Calhanoglu (feet), which accused hematoma rehabilitation and leaving Villamarin to the edge field.

Musacchio – –
The Spanish defender, released on extending the field in Seville for fighting with Kessie, deserves a separate speech. There will be no Juve and his absence will last for at least two months. It was thought to be a blow to the head, but in fact Musacchio's injuries related to the knee. The club's announcement is: "AC Milan publishes that Mateo Musacchio is following a knee trauma for a knee, which includes a cross treasure injury, an injury that requires a conservative treatment of 6-8 weeks . Instead, the investigations that were subject to a combined head injury caused a negative consequence ".


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