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Marianna Pepe's Death, the Prosecutor confirms: «No sign of violence». He investigates who gave them the substances – Chronicle


Muggia, the house where Marianna Pepe died Marianna Pepe was found to be unemployed last Thursday in a popular house at Via Pier Paolo Deluca 5, in Muggia, a town where she lived. With a 5 year old son, he had a friend to a friend, Antonio Vidmar, who had spent the afternoon and night with them. READ THE ISSUES Marianna Pepe VIDEO2 ex-combination combination of drugs and alcohol mixed

Update from 2 pm on Monday 12 November: A procedure for recent episodes of abuse hangs Demis Chorda, a former companion Marianna Pepe, it was found last November 8th. This was announced by the Chief Prosecutor of Trieste Carlo Mastelloni, which co-ordinates the investigation into the death of the woman, stating that the victim has repeatedly identified the man but then he had always withdrawn the complaints because, as he said on October 1, he was "a good dad" and, although the relationship between them, he respected him.

Police situation was confirmed on October 30th. rope anyway has been suggested for a presumption of abuse related to periods during the 2014 and 2015 years. Of those reported, Gup of Trieste had kept only a few cases of injuries, but had stated not moving forward as a result of being losing a lawsuit from the woman. In fact, Marianna Pepe had stated, after the complaint, that the violence had expired and that the partner had also been cooperative in managing the child.

The Prosecutor also noted that the social services that had produced various reports on the case followed the family. We "do all investigations deeply to recreate the facts and check the responsibilities of each topic in question," he says.

On the body of the former champion Marianna Pepe, the Prosecutor confirms that no signs of violence were found on the body, as reported by the daily Il Piccolo. The coroner, based on the evidence collected on the date of the death of the old champion, assumed "sudden death as a result of pulmonary-hearted edema caused by the likely polymerisation of different substances". The last element that was written several times by the Il Piccolo newspaper.

Only after the autopsy, scheduled for Wednesday, November 14, will be possible to explain whether "death cases refer to the use of unusual substances or other causes". In this sense, "investigations are underway to explain the responsibility of those who have provided these substances to women".

TRUST Two suspicious. Or probably such. And cocaine, the victim could take along with the alcohol and a psychotropic cocktail hanging in a night of despair.

Muggia, the old shooting champion saw the dead dead at home. What is known so far Marianna Pepe, the army manager and former Italian carabine champion died in his apartment in Muggia, in the Trieste province. He was 39 and a young son. The investigations, co-ordinated by the public prosecutor's office in Trieste, get tight and the researchers do not exclude any run. Article. (Edited by Martina Tartaglino)

But in a circular news and media mystery, where sporting achievements of a glorious past are tied, human disasters, investigations, suspects and inevitable media grinder, what is the rest of the old death national shooting champion Marianna Pepe, there is a lonely child. His son The five year old who was present on the first afternoon of Thursday, around the bell, when his mother was discovered (only thirty-nine) lay on a chair, without life, at Muggia's apartment of & # 39; i a friend. it had maintained. And then the father of the child, the father already, who all described as a violent man (who was convicted of attacks) that Marianna had fled as much as trying to focus in a house that was not he. He ran away with his son. The child has trusted in social services. But in the meantime, the story, a mirror of a champion's play has fallen into depression and has persecuted by the former, after everything has been depopulated.

However, there are at least two safe aspects of this case. Names of people who are involved in crime, first of all: the man with Marianna during the tragic death and the former girlfriend who did not give the woman a peace. And then where the collection was reached at thirty nine nine: an apartment at Via Pier Paolo Deluca 5, the friend who had with Marianna in the hours of death. A popular house in Muggia where the old champion had found hospitality, along with the baby, to avoid sleeping with a former girlfriend.


The psychiatrist and television face Crepet analyze the context of the disaster: "Sometimes there is inability to create antibodies against abuse"

Yesterday they run after the launch of an agency that gave some suspects. So two people who could have played a part in the death of the old champion. Who are they? And what was researched? It should be explained that there are no confirmations in this sense at this time. The investigative sources did not link the Piccolo yesterday with any elements on hand to confirm or even to refuse the spread of classes. Of what has been possible to find out, it would be more than two individuals who are prosecuted by the Prosecution. Registry in the suspected register would not be official yet but it may be about to happen. The question is this: is anyone who played a part in the death of the thirteen year old?

Marianna Pepe

They describe it as a huge, sunny, good woman. But many also knew the dark side of his life

The story has two accompaniment. The first: former partner Pepe. I'm called Demis Chorda, 42 years old. What's known – and everyone confirms, from friends to direct directors of Marianna – is that the woman is trying to close her. He thought it was violent. Who was close to the old champion saying that the man was beaten. It seems that this also happens the day before the disaster.

And the thirteen runs only for this reason. But there are probably no complaints. Only voices. Therefore, that must be considered with an absolute warning. However, Demis Corda was sentenced in May to a year and two months in prison for assaulting a bus manager. He should have served his sentence under the arrest of housing. The other man is the friend who had carried Marianna in the accommodation through Deluca: Antonio Vidmar, forty years old. The day before his death both had spent the afternoon and night with each other.


The woman was 39 years old and won 5 tricolors in the blow, working to the Army. In the background, there is a difficult family context. Tight investigations

Then, Marianna had stopped sleeping at Vidmar, just to avoid being with her before: "We were drunk, said the friend – then he asked me something strong. I gave her Diazepam , I've thrown down three quarters of a bottle. At home, I'm full of drugs and psychotropic drugs, I did not realize if it would take more. "It will realize wake up, the woman is no longer breathe and to call the ambulance.

The former champion stimulated a mix of alcohol and Diazepan. Also cocaine has not banned, according to what was dropped yesterday. Marianna died from an overdose, but the autopsy will explain what substances. The prosecutor is investigating. – –

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