Thursday , January 20 2022

Mandarin diet to lose weight and fill with vitamin C


Mandarin Diet it can make you lose weight by allowing the body to become full of energy and specifically vitamin C. The dietary plan naturally also includes eating other foods, let's see which ones.

Breakfast with barley coffee without sugar, tangerin juice, rice cakes with honey. Snack: pink grapefruit or two bands. Lunch: a proportion of wholemeal pasta with broccoli with a roofed tsp of oil. Snack: two mandarin or whole wheat rushes with orange marble. Lunch: lemon chicken prick, extensive green salad, two mandarin. As we always do in every diet published on our website, we recommend that you consult with a GP or specialist before starting any dietary diet.

This kind diet is not suitable for those suffering from various diseases, including diabetes, and pregnant women. It is also important when starting a diet to maintain regular daily physical activity even a simple 30 minute walk.

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