Tuesday , July 5 2022

Lines, crash on track: van arrives at an airplane wing


Although he moves on the track, hit on an air wing. And at Linate, the security procedure in these cases provided for the closure of the airport. For ten minutes it was off the limits. Then, given the small amount of the accident, the track that re-started the normal activity was reopened. It happened shortly after 10 am at the important Milana airport. The road that affected the Alitalia plane to Naples was a catering truck.

an accident in Linate

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The driver was a little injured, so that there was a need for an intervention of around 118 ambulances and the rescuers were transported to the hospital in a green code. Firefighters and police arrived on the track too.

According to the procedure, the overwhelming (Az1293) aircraft was completely erased completely deleted: on the board there were 76 people. According to what has emerged to date, it seems that travelers have not been hurt and there have been no fuel leaks. The passengers, going to Naples, were dropped and moved to another plane.

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