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Left in the hospital, Stefano deserved a better end


It’s been a month since the death of Stefano D’Orazio, the Poohs’ drummer and author of a number of lyrics sung by Roby Facchinetti, who died of complications from Covid-19. Exactly that virus that had contributed, in its small way, to fighting thanks to the “Rinascerò, reborn” fundraiser, a song written along with, in fact, Facchinetti, which had over 15 million views and had proceeds went to hospital in Bergamo. And yet, months later, D’Orazio failed to recover from positivity, and the biggest pain, Facchinetti tells is that his friend disappeared on his own and even his loved ones have not be able to merit him a final farewell.

This is one of the thoughts that has, for weeks, captured the mind of Facchinetti, who has had the opportunity, in recent years and nearly the past few days, to be able to collaborate artistically with D’Orazio. “Rebirth, reborn” may be the best known of the projects they have worked on, but for two and a half years they had written the opera “Parsifal” and D’Orazio had written some unreleased songs from Facchinetti’s latest album “Chasing my music”, including “Invisibili”, the latest single released. It’s not easy to make the promo of this song, but porters would like to explain and reiterate how basic D’Orazio was, how long his words and music will stay and how sensitive his friend was when dealing with issues sensitive like that. + old age, loneliness and even death.

Hi Roby, I wonder how you are probably stupid so little since the death of Stefano D’Orazio

Stefano’s death was a very hard blow to everyone, then imagine me living it up to a few hours before he was hospitalized. In recent years we have done music projects, we wrote the opera Parsifal, we did “Rinascerò rinascerai”, three more unpublished, so his presence was so strong that you are clearly not getting used to the fact that it is no longer there, it is not easy.

You always underlined your relationship, also read Invisibles text, then, there are themes that then became, unfortunately, very current.

There are some premonitions almost, obviously unconscious: think of the phrase “I swear you will leave me behind”.

I’m also thinking of “Old photographs hanging on walls to repaint, of those friends who are no longer there”. I don’t know if he was referring to Negrini when he wrote it.

No, no, it was more general, that song is a perfect picture of the life of two people who were lucky enough to grow old together, because this is already a great fortune. Couple, life associates even more so when they are married, and are far from their children, just in case, but aging together is a big fortune. Only, you know, today this has become a real social problem, because there are many elderly people who are left with their children, which are unforgivable.

We are often used to texts that can’t say too much about the pain, Invisibili’s pain is a very difficult place, we talk not only about old age and passing time, but death also peeks out, really.

It’s not an idea like others, it’s talking about a real social problem and then now you’re thinking about this damning virus that particularly affects elderly people, some even on their own , abandoned in nursing homes. Instead, grandparents are truly an important heritage, they are often the best parents in the world, unlike those of previous generations, they are a resource and this is also something that is important in my opinion, and instead we tend to make them invisible. . But there is also little attention from the institutions for this generation. Stefano had this idea, something that is part of his way of being, of his generosity, because it is an act of generosity to have the sensitivity to talk about this social problem.

Do you remember how the idea for the song was born?

Look, we’ve almost always worked this way, usually the music is born first, then the text: I wrote this tune and this harmony I shot for Stefano and then in just over a day – because Stefano was a very imaginative artist -, seeing that things had come to him by instinct, the text turned to me. It also happened with “I will be reborn, you will be reborn”. He called me and read the text over the phone and we were both excited, he reading it and I listening to this true, heartfelt text, treated with great poetry and sensitivity. Then when I sang it you can imagine the emotion, my throat closed, thinking about this world, their world, there are exciting expressions.

I imagine today, in retrospect, the emotion is even greater thereafter.

Look, I tell you, while listening to these songs, especially the last things Stefano did, and I’m talking about things two months ago, everything has a completely different weight because you get the deep meaning combined with the fact that it is no longer there: I experience some phrases as if they are actually introductory, and this is painful.

How will you manage the release of the songs, the Parsifal…?

I promised him and myself, especially with regard to the Parsifal which is two and a half years work, of this mythological character of our history: Stefano did something extraordinary and when he worked on Parsifal you know how many times we have told ourselves, especially when things were as we wanted, that we were really your witness, because more than that what can we do? This thing makes me doubly responsible and I repeat, I’ve already started putting Parsifal related stuff back on track to bring it to a stage: we were interrupted because Covid and for ten day I have been reconnecting all the contacts we had because of my goal, my most important mission is to bring it to the stage, for him, for me and because he truly deserves it. Inside is everything that should be beautiful in a work of this nature.

Did you sing about Covid’s pain, did you raise money to fight him, did you feel the fear in Stefano or did you think it basically couldn’t happen to you too?

Absolutely not, also because I was talking to him continuously from Bergamo and even more in that time when it all happened here, so I was the first to understand the severity of this virus, how dangerous it was and what capacity he had an infection: my family has lost a lot of people, including relatives, friends, acquaintances, people who worked for me, in short, I saw this danger, this horror in my face, and for Stefano I was constantly talking about what was happening here. Unfortunately not always even if you have this awareness, even if you have all the attention in some cases it is not enough and this makes you understand how dangerous it really is.

Are there any words from Stefano that you carry with you?

You know, the last word, the last sentence, I had heard him tell us about our stuff and he told me he had received the swab and unfortunately he had the coronavirus: “But don’t worry because everything else is fine ”i said and this is one of the words that hammer in my head. And it hammers in my head for him to write to me “We were born to fight fate, but every time we’ve always won” (from “I will be reborn, you will be reborn”, ed) and the This sentence is stabbed in the heart. Another sentence that hammers me is “When it’s all over we will return to see the stars”, I live this too as an introductory sentence and now I imagine it right there, among the stars.

A month has passed since his death, what is the thought that most disturbed or went with you?

Another thing that hurts me is that, of course, we hope that our loved ones will go as far as possible, but unfortunately we can’t do much about it. Stefano left at age 62, too early, he still had so much to say and do, but the last days of his life he was there, left in hospital, I guess also in a kind of despair , because he understood very well that he had no one. Ending your life so, like that, I find it very inhuman, no one deserves an end like that, that suffering, ending your life that way. Stefano deserved a better ending.

Extra pain for all of you.

These things hurt, sorry, you don’t accept them, you tell yourself no, it’s not possible, it’s not within our human limits that a mother, wife, child can’t farewell last. So those living this tragedy, like Tiziana, whose father also died soon after, are unacceptable. I think if Tiziana – but she is a bit of everyone – had given the possibility, even from behind glass, to see her for a final goodbye, she would not have harmed anyone. The suit could have been arranged for a place, a very safe room, of course it would not have changed the state of things, but in addition to the pain you find yourself facing this sadness as well.

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