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As we often talk about it early retirement and specifically related to this theme is measurement Share 100 This measure could be presented, as it emerged in recent weeks, as we have already mentioned several times, starting next year. But some are Alternatives to Extract 100 to retire early? Yes, it seems, to be able to retire with too much law, Fornero serves 38 years of contributions. However, work life seems to have been arrested in recent decades, especially for those who started to work very early. In fact, more and more often, there are 60 years and 30 years of contributions and therefore in these cases how can I retire Below is what we are Alternatives to Extract 100 for early retirement.

Early retirement of all other options

So far, it seems one a 60 year old employee with 30 years, oreven less contributions can not take advantage of it early retirement. Here is what will be established by Fornero law, regardless of age, 42 years and 10 months of contributions to men and 41 years and 10 months of women's contributions would be necessary. In this case, it would not be possible to even make use of the Women option, or the measure that allows you to retire after you reach 57 years of age and 7 my age if you are employed and 58 years and 7 months for self-employed employees with 35 years of contributions.

Contributory pension and other cases

In fact those with less than 30 years of contributions have the possibility of retirement and one of them can give one of these early pension contribution. However, the requirements to meet would be different. First of all, you will need to reach the age of 63 and 7 months, although the contributions must have matured at least twenty years at least 18 must be accrued by 31 December 1995. Must be we too have paid About 5 years of contributions since 1996.

It will also be necessary to have at least one credit contribution in separate control. So you do not need more than twenty years of contributions to retire early, but this does not apply for example to civil servants, for those with a disability 80% or 60 years and 7 months if men are aged 55 and 7 months for women. It takes more than twenty years of retirement contributions for all those employees who have reached the age of 66 and 7 months.

Quota pensions 100, with penalties of 30%

with Share 100 Pensions of up to 30% could be penalized for this estimate of the parliamentary budget office. Where Share 100 which is equivalent to a total age of at least 62 years and a proportionate income of approximately 38 years, the measure may possibly be at least up to 437,000 operating tax payers in 2019 and this is still the budget office's estimate of that move was presented to the chamber at the hearing. "If the whole floor was to use the exit channel as soon as it would be satisfied, the requirements could result in an increase in gross pension expenditure estimated at almost 13 billion in 2019 substantially stable in the following years ", Here are the words expressed by President of the Upb Giuseppe Pisauro. Reduced gross pension, for everyone who chooses Quote 100, rThe current inspector would go to 5% in case of only one year and more than 30% with advance in excess of 4 years.

Early retirement with Share 100, It could include at least 437,000 potential people during 2019 talking about operating tax payers. In the document filed by the parliamentary budget office in Aberystwyth Budget commissions It is said that if the whole audience used this output channel as soon as the requirements were met, it could increase gross pension spending that equates to almost 13 billion in 2019 and would stable then.

According to the latest news, Share 100 so it will start and start from the first months of 2019. This is one of the biggest news about the pension reform provided for by the budget bill approved last October by the Council of Ministers. In fact, there have been a few weeks since we started to understand how it works quota 100 to be able to retire early and also all the news that awaits us for 2019. About us Quote 100, quThis would be a new type of pension that will likely come into force with the next budget law. This will give you the opportunity to leave work, when the amount of age and yearly contributions that are not paid by the employee is at least 100.

y an early retirement fee 100 it will be achieved after at least 62 years of age and a 38 year contribution. However, despite the calculation achieved, Share 100 will not allow retirement if the age is 62 and the contributions are not equal to 38 years. So, to be able to get in Early retirement with Quota 100, The contribution and personal requirements and innovation will need to be respected, they have been confirmed again byAlliance Matteo Salvini, after the approval of the 2019 draft bill announces, among other things, there will be no penalties.

Early early retirement 2019 with Chota 100 and Quota 41: requirements

That seems to be Share 100 it will not succeed in replacing the current one early retirement and even the early early stage with 41 years of contributions. These two schemes appear to remain in force and will not suffer any type of penalty to present Share 100 This will be an opportunity for workers to go out of the labor market in advance only and certainly not an obligation. Obviously it is Early retirement or Share 100, some requirements must be met. But what are these requirements and most of all the main differences? Let's try to make some clarity.

Early early retirement, how it works

Share 100 It seems to be a solution that is not suitable for those with a large number of years of contributions, but not even the right age to access this measure. Let's take an example, calculating an employee who started working very early, or at age 16 and after reaching the age of 56, has matured for 40 years of contributions. The result of the amount would not amount to 100 and this would actually mean that it could not take advantage of it Share 100 What would the alternatives to retire then? A solution could be of benefit to you Share 41. However, this is not a measure intended for all, but is only reserved for specific categories of employees, namely:
– are unemployed as a result of dismissal or resignation for a case only
– employees or self-employed employees who have been assisting the disabled relative for about 6 months as established by law 104
– employees and self-employed with invalidity equivalent to or greater than 74%
– heavy and fair workers.

Early retirement: all entry requirements

However, you may even retire if you have a proportional age. You can take advantage of the early retirement according to the provisions of the Fornero Act starting next year, will provide for the possibility of going out at age 43 and 3 months of contributions for men and 42 years and 3 months for women. The government, as well, would like blocking and increase in retirement age for life expectancy. However, the contribution requirements would continue to be 42 years old and 10 months for men and 41 to 10 months for women, but currently there is no official.

Retired with Quota 100 and Quota 41

We have already said, how Share 100 it will not change the course of the pension that will continue in force with what is expected today. If Quota 41 was presented to all, according to Deputy Prime Minister Salvini, things could change. However, these changes could only be brought in 2020.

Pension, the orange envelopes come home. Bad news for Quota 100

In theme pensions it seems that about one comes million orange envelopes by INPS by the end of 2018. So, in the coming weeks, the contribution piece that includes simulation of the amount of the Futura Pension will be sent, based on what has so far paid to the expected salary of the release date from the world of work. Here is the announcement given directly by the President INPS Tito Boeri. The practice of making simulations to calculate your pension for years is increasingly prevalent and in the last two years, in particular, there were 5.4 million employees to make the calculation, through the service, my pension Futura. According to reports by Tito Boeri, this service will also be extended to public service workers over the next two years.

As a result audience & beneficiaryThis online simulation service will extend to 500,000 civil servants, craftspeople and traders. It should be emphasized, however, like that Simulation does not include quota 100, but it was made based on current legislation. Immediately on the subject of pensions, president of INPS remains critical, indicating how, however, that the result of this early departure would have a serious effect on those whodoor and pension systemor. "For any hypothesis about giving new possibilities for early departure, we know that the first year's expenditure is much lower than the second year and this happens because the windows are considered and then in the Second year, new ones are added beneficiaries. Of course this is not the 300 million difference that we have today at the endowment of the fund. " Here are the words stated by the President INPS Tito Boeri regarding the estimates for the exit to 62 years and 38 years of contributions.

Fee 100 costs and penalties

According to the UPB, there seems to be some quota regarding quota 100 and this is a fairly certain probability that it makes it absolutely literally impossible to think that the whole congregation of the potential beneficiaries of early retirement can decide with each other to turn to early retirement. The expenditure needed to meet the needs would be around 13 billion.

Here is the estimate made directly by PGiuseppe Pisauro, and added that, however, this estimate is not similar to the resources that have been allocated in the fund to review the pension system for various Factors. Despite this, the numbers show how the penalties will be in fact, and the beneficiaries will surely be affected, Lega's leader Matteo Salvini interfered trying to explain the situation and he would have defined nothing but one large soap bubble

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