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Iva Zanicchi is absent from All Together Now: that's why

age zanicchi VATIva Zanicchi, the second chapter of All Together Now: this is why the famous singer is not present in the jury t

Most of the public wonder where it is Iva Zanicchi. His second absence is impossible to notice in the second episode of All Together Now. During the first night, which was broadcast last Thursday, we saw that she was going to see several comments with her neighbor Luca Valenti. His presence in the program as a judge was greatly appreciated by viewers. But this second chapter sees her unexpected absence. In fact, most of the audience looked forward to listening to his hilarious comments. At this point, clarification is required. In fact, his absence is not so unexpected. Indeed, Iva was not part of a fixed wall jury, led J-Ax, from the music program, conducted by Michelle Hunziker. The Zanicchi was, therefore, one of the guests of the first episode of the broadcast, which will not be present during each episode.

Iva Zanicchi, that's why All Together Now is not a second chapter: the singer was not a regular judge

There are many comments that viewers share on social media, about absence Iva. There are some who still wonder where they are and why their comments are not broadcast and who understood that they will not be present during this evening. It's very bad for the public, during the first episode he's enjoyed his jokes and to exchange views Luca Valenti. Although the latter is still in the wall jury, there is the The Mortal Coil there is no. The reason why it is absent is about its role. As we have already noted, Iva was a guest of the first chapter and not a regular judge, like so many others.

Iva Zanicchi is short of viewers: other guests in the second episode

Other guests are part of the wall, as well as the permanent critics With Donatella, Antonella Mosetti, Mietta and Valentina Dallari. Instead of VAT and other artists, there are examples Gessica Notaro, To Legnanesi and Gabriele Cirilli. In the final chapter, we remember that other guests were apart from the Zanicchi, like Boomdabash. Meanwhile, viewers continue to share comments for VAT, particularly missing.

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