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In All Japan, discounts on the best PS4 games


On the PlayStation Shop now promotes the promotion of All To Japan with discounts on hundreds of PlayStation 4 games of Japanese production, including Kingdom Hearts III, Persona 5, Monster Hunter World, Resident VII Biohazard, Resident Evil 2, Yakuza Zero, Ace Combat 7 Air Unknown, Soul Calibur VI, Nioh, Jump Force and many others. We have usually chosen five that stand out especially for the excellent value for money, giving priority to special, luxurious and exciting editions, to ensure games, DLCs and expansion are truly inclusive.

Bad Residence 7 Biohazard Gold Edition for 24.99 €

Without a doubt the most complete edition of Evil Residence VII Biohazard, now on sale for just under 25 euros.

The Gold Edition contains not only the complete game but also the DLC Movies Confidential Volume 1 and 2, Elly End Zoe and the No Hero package, which will allow you to play as Chris Redfield. Remember also that Evident Evil 7 is also compatible with PlayStation VR … t

Residents' Evil Review 7 Biohazard

Metal Gear V Solid The Definitive Experience for € 7.99

Waiting to understand Konami's movements for the future of the franchise after the warm welcome given to Survive Metal Gear, we advise you strongly to buy Metal Gear V solid The Definitive Experience.

This rich bundle includes the complete experience of Metal Gear Solid V with Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, as well as Metal Gear Online with its DLCs, including 36 items, two additional tours, weapons and Various items for customization. At just under 8 euros, buying is simply indispensable.

Review of Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

NieR Automata Game of YoRHa Edition for € 29.99

NieR Automata is one of the most prestigious Japanese games in recent yearsso it's impossible not to include it in our choice.

Surely, YoRHa Edition Game is the most convenient as it includes the full game and rich selection of DLC: 3C3C1D119440927, Pod console, Pod Cardboard, Gray vintage Pod, Red vintage Pod, Weiss Grissen, Amazarashi Head, Car theme dynamic mug and set of afatars.

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Persona Issue 5 Ultimate for € 24.99

Atlus Persona 5 The Royal recently published a new edition of the game that will only reach Europe in 2020. If you can't wait, you can choose the very rich Ultimate Edition, now sold for 24.99 euros with a 75% discount on the list price, usually set at 99.99 euro.

In addition to the game, in the bundle we find all the extra Persons, all costumes, the Set Skills Cards and Healing Items, the original soundtrack in Japan and the level additional difficulty Merciless.

Persona Review 5

Monster Hunter World at 19.99

In this case we present an edition "smooth", ie without extra content other than the original game.

We do because the price is very attractive, only 20 euros are enough to take the most popular Capcom game ever home, as well as one of the most prestigious titles in the Recent years by audiences and critics. undoubtedly good buying is waiting for Iceborne, the first organized World MH expansion for the fall.

Monster Hunter World: The Review

PS4 games at a discount

We've told you five Japanese games for PS4 for sale at a discount but Tutto's Japanese offer includes over 500 titles, impossible to list all, below is a selection of the best games available:

Euro Tekken 7 – 17.99
Euros Kingdom 3 – 46.89
Bad Residence 2 Deluxe Edition – € 49.99
Bersham Stories – € 12.99
Shenmue 1 and 2 HD – 19.99 euro
Vulnerable Residential Edition 2 – € 39.99
Yakuza Zero – 14.99 euro
SoulCalibur VI – € 29.99
Gravity Rush 2 – 14.99 euros
Force Jump – € 44.99
NiOh – 14.99 euros
NiOh Complete Edition – € 24.99
Warlords Onimusha – 14.99 euro
Yakuza Kiwami – € 9.99
Fighter Street V – € 7.99
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition – € 7.99
Sonic Mania – 14.99 euro
Last Guardian – euro 19.99
One Blood Burning Piece – € 12.99
Em Up Capcom Bundle Beat – € 15.99
Dark souls 3 – 19.99 euros
Shadow of the Colossus – 19.99
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – 17.99 euro

Promotions that boost boyfriends games from the East, with hundreds of games available including fighting games, platforms, Soulslike, JRPG, arcade games, space shooters, musou, action games based on anime series t a manga Dragon Ball Games, Naruto, One Piece and unique PlayStations of the first class as the Colossus Shadow, The Guard Guard and Gravity Rush 2.

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