Sunday , August 7 2022

"I miss it and my children could get sick too" t


Daniel Alzheimer's is 30 years old, his wife's pain:

He was diagnosed lAlzheimer's only thirty, but now Daniel Bradbury he is afraid of the life and health of his twin year old twins. The man, who lives in Hucknall, told his story to the press admitting he is the youngest person in the country. The United Kingdom to be affected by the disease. He would inherit this rare form from his father Adrian, who died at the age of 36.

Noemi, a child wounded in Naples. The tearful mother: "When can we take my home?"

As the Daily Mail explains, it is an aggressive form of the disease and doctors have been diagnosed with it in September 2017. Now it seems that even his children, Jasper and Lola, they could get sick very soon. There is a 50% chance that they can be in the same condition. What is most breaking his heart is the impossible to see growing. His memory fades: we try to remember everything that we do and surround it and find it hard to focus on something.

"It's frustrating knowing that my body fails, I don't even have the strength to take it in my arms," ​​he admits. "This is the longest and most core farewell. I watch my life love literally disappear before my eyes. And it's a double blow because I'm losing my soul friend and my best friend, but also because he could have transferred the gene to our children, so I may have to repeat the experience when they are older. Last updated. T


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