Monday , October 3 2022

He discussed the Hyenas, Nadia Toffa along with many other VIPs: the complaint is triggered


A real crackdown on Sunday November 11 of "The Show Rooms", Where reported among the number of investigations was also very serious and often very often, that's the scams against the known faces of the showbiz, ie those that are defined common by acronym "VIP".

During the final episode "The Hyenas" he also talked about the fact that many entertaining entertainment characters in the world Testing about commercial products. In short, someone has decided to take advantage of their image without obtaining the permission, thus gaining the good faith of the buyers.

Nadia Toffa suffers scam

Ironically, he wanted to be among the VIP victims of the umpteenth trade scam, this is the renowned host host and sent by "Le Iene" Nadia Toffa. A low shot, which comes at a very special time in the life of the famous, sent back from a very bad time because of the fight against cancer.

To reveal what happened Nadia was the same during the 11th November, revealing that he had taken advantage of his popularity for unauthorized commercial purposes. In the past, in fact, the Hyena was found on social networks as evidence of "Choco Lite", Line of products that lose weight.

But it did not stop here, because they even made some films where you could see the host inviting you to buy the brand products. Nothing could be more fake, not just because of Toffa it has never been evidence of that brand, but have never bought the advertised product. A scam does not stop his person only, but also includes many other famous faces.

In the service broadcast by "The Hyenas" last Sunday, many VIPs warned fans of these scary and misleading advertisements, to stimulate the good faith of the buyers. Take the number of participating VIPs as well Ignazio Moser, The Cecilia Rodríguez, but also Francesca Cipriani, the actor Marco Bocci to Valentina Vignali.

Inform them without knowing about selling products at competitive prices, which can not be presented due to a pyramid selling system that would only benefit the first buyers. Fraud is increasingly reliable, but now, thanks to "The Hyenas", and hope to stop it once and for all.

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