Thursday , August 11 2022

Friends Evening 2019: Ricky Martin and Vittorio Grigolo away in sixth chapter, no deletion


Saturday 6th May 2019 the sixth chapter of Friends of 2019, with the usual challenge between the white team and the blue team. Ricky Martin, who is absent for a week, will return to his job at the helm of the white people starting tonight and will be facing the Vittorio Grigolo team. But to bring the talent of the show, at least for the first part of the episode, will be the challenge between Mameli and Valentina Vernia.

The challenge was Loredana Bertè

Loredana Bertè made a party against eliminating Valentina Vernia, who came to be abolished last week. The judge asked the production of the talent show to change the regulation, so that Valentina would have the chance to prove that she doesn't deserve to go home. If Bertè's offer is accepted, Vernia will challenge Mameli, considered by Loredana, the least talented artist left at the school. To judge the challenge, the winner will announce the public at home through delefoting.

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