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Free screening at the Herb Market, in the San Domenico cluster


World Diabetes Day2018/12/11
– Appointment Saturday, November 17 at Pesaro in the Herb Market, in the clogge of San Domenico.

Wednesday, November 14th, World Diabetes Day is celebrated. The North Marche Nord Endocrinology and Diabetology structure usually takes part in two ventures. In the open clinics Fano, Wednesday, November 14: from 9 to 13 in the structure, Pavilion A from Santa Croce Hospital will be Fan, doctors and nurses distribute information material, provide medical advice to assess risk profile and screening free to find blood sugar, all without appointment and without obligation. It's duplicate Pesaro Saturday, November 17 With the same formula: al. with a free screening is al The herbs market, in San Domenico's cluster, between the ages of 9 and 17.

"One in 11 people in the world live with diabetes – explains Giulio Lucarelli, the head of the Endocrinology and North Diabetology structure in Marche Nord – and they suffer over 400 million; one person out of two does not know it and it is expected that there will be 522 million people with diabetes by 2030. Over a million children and young people in the world of diabetes type 1, the automatic diabetes. In 2017, there were four million deaths -ang. In Italy there are 3.7 million people with diabetes and one in three does not know it. "

Despite these numbers, diabetes continues to be a "little known and unexpected pathology – emphasizing Lucarelli – sometimes it's also a fake news, like the one to improve It's enough to eat less or eliminate carbohydrates. Just for this reason, World Day was established in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and World Health Organization. "

For the 2018 edition, the most obvious theme is "Family and Diabetes": "Diabetes – ending Lucarelli – is a disease that can also disable and all members of the family must be involved o prevention and control of diabetes 80% of type 2 diabetes, chronic disease most affected on an adult with age-increasing cases, is prevented from adopting a healthy lifestyle. Good eating and adequate physical activity is absolutely necessary and the role of the family is essential for the implementation of a person with diabetes including the whole family: of caring for children with type 1 diabetes henoed with type 2 diabetes that are not self-contained ".

It's good to take advantage of these two days, on November 14 at Fan and on the 17th in Pesaro, to get to know a quiet illness. All the information on the Day is available on the specific website and on the Facebook page

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