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Federer-Anderson 6-4 6-3 (London Atp Finals 2018 Video Highlights): Switzerland won the final



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Roger Federer developments in the semifinals as the first place in the Hewitt Group, alle 2018 Atp Finins London. The Swiss seeds, No. 2, defeated South Africa Kevin Anderson (no. 4) with the score 6-4 6-3 after one hour and seven minutes of play. With this result, the native of Johannesburg closes behind the native of Basel and both wait to know their opponent, while the Austrian Dominic Thiem a Japanese Kei Nishikori they close in the third and fourth.

In the first balance up to three even then South Africa jam and give Switzerland the best, which is very wrong and is therefore being forced to pick up the speed to take back, and then close for 6-4 after canceled three other broken balls. The second part sees Federer growing in tone and begins to even multiply his / her plots, giving Anderson in serious troubles and enforcing him to take a double break. Fifteen-six participants at the Atp Round for Basel natives (only in 2008 that were not beyond the group).


(2) ROGER FEDERER – (4) KEVIN ANDERSON 6-4 6-3, Center Court
Hewitt's Third Day, Atp Finals London 2018 (Indoor Cement)

10.30pm – GAME, SET AND FEDERER MATTERS! Another straight on the net for South African player and close game after 1h and 17 (38th to length of second part)
22.29 –
Immediately on the net and the third game point arrives
22.28 –
Immediately from Anderson, after a good exchange. Even 40 and the second corresponding score are going
22.27 –
From the straight. 30-40
22.27 –
The band sends the South African straight away: 15-40 and two corresponding points for Switzerland
22.26 –
Federer's good defense but South Africa closes with anti-assault. 15-30
22.25 –
There are two excellent answers and Anderson is still in trouble. 0-30
22.23 –
Service and direct to Switzerland, which confirms the break at 0. 5-3
22.20 – BREAK FEDERER! There is a slice back at the intersection of the lines and South Africa is displaced: 4-3
22.19 –
Straightening error: 30-40 and a respite ball for Switzerland
22.18 –
Suffers from Federer variations. 30 even
22.18 –
Ace Allanol. 30-15
22.17 –
Repay with the reverse. 15 even
22.16 –
Anderson has a direct error, after receiving Swiss balls. 0-15
22.15 –
Game Federer. 3-3
22.14 –
Excellent exchange earned by Switzerland. 30-15
22.13 –
Invertebrate South Africa. 15 even
22.11 –
Hold up in the middle. 2-3
22.10 –
Going through Anderson. 40-30
22.09 –
Then send left. 40-15
22.09 –
Release and transfer to Federer. 30-15

22.08 –
Ace is the middle for South African. 30-0
22.07 –
Ace outside and Switzerland wins the game at 30. 2-2
22.07 –
Earn out an external service. 40-15
22.06 –
Close a beautiful mesh to Federer. 15 even
22.05 –
Anderson responded well. 0-15
22.03 –
South Africa holds the joke. 1-2
22.02 –
Along the left of Switzerland. 40-15
22.01 –
Ace Ace Anderson 30-0
22.00 –
15-game game for Federer. 1-1
21.57 –
Anderson keeps the joke. 0-1
21.57 –
Second of the set. 40-15
21.56 –
The South African player makes an ace, then the Swiss player makes a short break ball. 30-15
21.55 – The second set started, Anderson needs again
21.52 – SET GAME FETER EDITOR! Good to close a couple, after 39 & #. Switzerland is the second finals, now the location of the Hewitt group will be played
21.51 –
Row of backhand and then straightforward. Point point for Switzerland
21.51 –
External ace and also cancel the third chance. equality
21.50 –
Right straight South African. 30-40
21.50 –
Good first. 15-40
21.49 –
The demi-volée is also too long, Federer is still time: 0-40 and three possibilities of counter-cutting
21.49 –
Double gap. 0-30
21.48 –
The back of the Helvetic is diverted from a porch. 0-15
21.46 – BREAK FEDERER! Stop-volley scored and can now serve for the set. 5-4

21.45 –
Across the back: 0-40 and three possible breaches
21.45 –
Switzerland is well defended and South Africa's split is straight. 0-30
21.43 – NOW RELATED! Service and straight back to the corridor: 4-4
21.42 –
Federer loses control of the opposite and gives an opportunity to resist immediately
21.42 –
Great response from South Africa. 40 even
21.42 –
Service win 40-30
21.41 –
Instant error to Switzerland: 30 equals 30-0
21.38 – BREAK FEDERER! Another double gap for Anderson: 4-3
21.37 –
Double dirty and straight out to South Africa: 0-40 and three respite points given to Switzerland
21.34 –
Federer's great federation, Anderson arrives at us but then is behind. 3-3

21.34 –
Along the straight. 40-30
21.33 –
The tape helped South Africa, but then cut it back to the field almost unprotected. 15-30
21.31 –
The tape is not beneficial. 0-30
21.31 –
Long left of Switzerland. 0-15
21.29 –
Anderson also keeps the line on 0. 2-3
21.27 –
Service and back also for South Africa. 15-0
21.26 –
Service and back. 2-2
21.26 –
Central Ace, the first of the meeting. 40-0
21.25 –
Victory service to Federer. 15-0
21.22 –
Ace is in the middle and Anderson still has the joke. 1-2
21.22 –
Across the crossover over Switzerland. Internal advantage
21.21 –
It's also wrong back and you're going to the benefits
21.21 –
Losing control of the opposite. 40-30
21.19 –
Excellent instant for South African. 30-15
21.19 –
Great response and reverse with reverse. 15 even
21.18 –
Central can for Anderson. 15-0
21.18 –
A good game serves for Federer, and closed to 0. 1-1
9.15pm –
South Africa holds the joke. 0-1
9.15pm –
Switzerland strives to move the opponent and close the swap immediately. 40-15
21.14 –
Ace at the opening. 15-0
21.13 –
Start the game, serve Anderson
21.03 –
Players in the field for heating
18.24 –
Good evening, supporters SuperNews and welcome to the direct guide from Mattia Orlandi. With the Thiem victory in two sets of Nishikori, Anderson is the first qualification in the Hewitt group finals and this evening at 9.00pm we will follow the meeting in which South African will challenge Federer to win the first place in the group

Federer will meet Anderson in his 3rd game at the London Atp final 2018

Switzerland, No. 2 of seeding, after winning against Austria Dominic Thiem meet the second group Lleyton Hewitt (in the first he lost against the Japanese Kei Nishikori), faced in the third game of her Atp summaries and South African Kevin Anderson (No. 4, which has beaten Thiem and Nishikori), against which he is in advance for 4-1 in the precedents and as he will play the qualification for the semifinals.

The native of Johannesburg 2018 began a Pune, where he reached the final but lost against the Frenchman Gilles Simonwhile inOpening Australia will be erased in the first round. In February, the first seasonal title arrives, obtained New York against the United States Sam Querrey, while ad Acapulco loses again in the final against Argentina Juan Martin Del Potro. In March he participates in the first two Messrs 1000 of the season, reaching the last quarter in Aberystwyth Indian Wells that a Miami.

During the season, red arrives at the second round of ad Estoril, in the semifinals in the 1000 Masters Madrid, while forced to retire during the second round of the Roman one; Despite this, he's going to the fourth round Roland Garros. On the grass play in the frenhines but he's been defeated by Argentina Leonardo Mayer, except then reheating it Wimbledon, where he reaches the second final Slam in his career and loses the Serbian Novak Djokovic.

Back then to play on the cement and reach the final finals in 1000 of Toronto, the third round in that Cincinnati and fourth quarter in Opening of the United States, while finale in the season qualifies for the first time in the final ATP thanks to the last quarter Tokyo and in 1000 Shanghai, second title per year a Vienna (Japanese beat in the final Kei Nishikori) and a third round in 1000 of Paris Bercy.

Federer – Anderson, the ancestors
Wimbledon 2018 – Erba – Last quarter – ANDERSON b. Federer 2-6 6-7 (5) 7-5 6-4 13-11
Cincinnati 2015 – Cement – Third round – FEDERER b. Anderson 6-1 6-1
Rome 2015 – Ground Wrought – Third Round – FEDERER b. Anderson 6-3 7-5
Indian Wells 2014 – Cement – Last quarter – FEDERER b. Anderson 7-5 6-1
Paris Bercy 2013 – Indoor Cement – Second Round – FEDERER b. Anderson 6-4 6-4

Federer – Anderson, where to follow the game
The meeting will be visible exclusively on the channels Sky Sports, with the possibility to also follow in live streaming through the services Sky Go ac NOW TV.

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